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This battle ended in a tie.


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Battle on April 5 2024


  • so i heard some nigga was coping me and that nigga is slump-c i was here since march 5th this nigga knew i was here he was here in march 17th he copied my profile like nigga u wish u were me im better then u nigga so sit u see my girl i be sucking on her tit i get knife on ur throught nigga ima slit i got better things to do like fucking my girl unstead of dealing with ur dummass wanna bee like nigga u in the blood area cant u see im watching out for u cause u messing with me and da boyz nigga gonna get shot down bitch (goneeee) i use to have a nieghbor named shawn he was a real nigga nigga ima pull the trigga im da nigga im a killa when i was lil i had to make money so i was a stealer a drug dealer u dont take drugs but when u take a tiny peacie u gonna have a fever thank u god we shal bealive they ask u got crabs i shoot u down nigga into shabbs me and my homie ledger in the back sniffing the crack when i was lil i liked shaq all of my friends are black but no problem with that bc they raised like a brother me and wyatt smoking the weed ( indeed) we got 10 pounds of this shitt like im santa claus bitch but in the hood chritmas in da hood i fell alseep from too much smokin she was awoken bc my cigratee was still on she was pokin me to wake up i was like dam mama look at tho jugs jiggle she said stop i made her giggle back to the topic we went to best buy me and wyatt we robbed that bitch got a computer stold that mf forr 400 dolloers we in the hood of course we ballers i made three point to win the game i made a swish later on i dived in to my girls pussy like i was a fish i gave her a kiss this nigga tryed shooting me but that bitch miss (weave) me and wyat are like lilo and stich but we dont like a snitch we boods im glad we not in california bc here arre floods so this why u dont copie me u dummas as bitch atleast ask if u woulve i woulve been fine with it its wtv u ass hole pussy ass nigga west sidee for life (hnu)
  • niggggggggggga...........


  • you say you got better things to do but you still diss me? that must mean both you and your bitch miss me. you gon cut me with a knife but that knife wont do shi. cant even get close to me cuz ill up the switch. you fall asleep from smokin you must be smokin alot. ill slap yo bitch n kill you too just like my last opp. come meet me im person n ill run yo fade. leave you like yo grandma you both are decayed. im just better than you n you know thats a fact. you doin this shi for clout i gess it jus how you act. you tote a knife you must me goofy cuz i coped me a switch. if you try runnin on me ill upp that bitch n make you twitch. but wtf im doin goin versus with a clown. i know im going to the top i see you fallin down. tell me why tf would you diss a goat. "im so scared" please dont slit my throat. (hahaha). im the greatest you must me STAN did you write me some notes? had yo bitch at my crib gave her face-full of loads. n you watch yo mom tits jiggle? you ust like incest. ian copy no profile dont know y u pressed. no im out cuz ion got time for you. you must adore me well guess what bitch i dont adore you.

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