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Max of 25 lines


Bar-Spitter won this battle!


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Battle on July 12 2019 and Battle on July 16 2019


  • sorry bar spitter!!! Did i get your name wrong?
  • sorry i dont care your just a mong
  • so go back where you belong
  • and thats.... NOWHERE
  • your just a little prick who is adopted
  • your mum suck dick and it was like a rocket
  • and your dad came out the closet
  • so fuck off and dont come back !
  • your bars are just fucking whack
  • ill make you my bitch and you will be sucking on my ball sack
  • and guess what write another diss on your shitty mac
  • and ill pull my guns up and go click click clack
  • (fast part)
  • yo bar spitter dont try diss me
  • your just a big fat prick who is a pussy
  • at school your probably the fucking bully
  • and you know i am the best mc
  • and no one can beat me
  • (peace bitch )


  • Again you're fucking challenging me this is a joke,
  • I'll grab you by the neck and ram you in between bicycle spokes,
  • Calling me dumb when you can't even fucking spell,
  • This is the final time I'm battling you, so come and take this L
  • No but seriously, when the fuck are you gonna stop battling me,
  • I spit bars better than you, you're just a laughable freak,
  • You little shit, this is the last time I battle you,
  • I won't waste more time writing disses to fucking challenge you,
  • I already have enough wins on my board, I don't need you to give me more,
  • Your lyrics are just a bore, your mother's probably a whore,
  • I fucked her last night, found out she was a stripper,
  • Saw a one dollar bill in my wallet, that was way too much to tip her,
  • So fucking hop off my dick you pathetic shit,
  • In a rap battle, I'm always wrecking shit,
  • Bitching about me being a bully, bitch shut the fuck up,
  • It's a fucking rap battle, not a hug club,
  • I'm not gonna be nice, in battles I'm a beast,
  • You're probably 350 pounds, much fatter than me,
  • On the mic, I'm definitely someone to be feared,
  • Now go grab a tissue and wipe your father's cum off your beard,
  • Anyway, that concludes it, don't fucking send me another request,
  • I've beaten your ass for the last time, I've put your ass to rest,

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