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Max of 21 lines


Bar-Spitter won this battle!


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Battle on July 16 2019 and Battle on July 18 2019


  • who dares to battle me?
  • sorry your just a pussy
  • your so easy your a rookie
  • might aswell cry and eat your cookie
  • yo im free
  • these bars will sting like a bee
  • and you wish you could write like me
  • so get on your knees and suck my big d
  • im lyrical genius
  • im so powerful i am like jesus
  • there no point battling me ill leave you speechless
  • you will be up all night and sleepless
  • and all you's think i am serious
  • but when i jump in a car its like fast and furious
  • and all of you rappers will feel curious
  • see u later bitches
  • (ha ha ha ha )
  • you wish you had the balls
  • to battle me
  • safe pussy's


  • Who dares to battle you? Bitch I do,
  • You don't know how to spit any lines dude,
  • You're the fucking student, I'm the teacher,
  • You're playing with fire, I'll give you third degree burns,
  • Motherfucker you can't rap for shit, you're terrible,
  • I'll break your self esteem and render it irreparable,
  • Your retardation is fucking unbearable,
  • Did I say it before? You're fucking terrible,
  • You say you're a lyrical genius? You lying bastard,
  • I've never met a genius with that type of atrocious grammar,
  • Spitting bars is a skill you'll never master,
  • You retarded excuse for a rapper,
  • But listen close you fuck, cause you're now in class,
  • Any bitch who sucks your D needs a magnifying glass,
  • I drive faster in morning traffic than you do on an open road,
  • I'll smash into your trailer park home in a pickup Ford,

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