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Bar-Spitter won this battle!


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Battle on July 12 2019 and Battle on July 18 2019


  • yo bar splitter
  • you got dandruff and it will look like winter
  • get the fuck out of here and go back to twitter
  • i can spit bars faster than quicksilver
  • shits gonna come out of yours arse and will be like a river
  • so dont try and diss me
  • im the best mc
  • your hairs greasier than a kfc
  • bitch!!!!
  • go cast some spells on hocus pocus cause you are a witch
  • after ive finished you will be 6 feet in a ditch
  • and go watch twitch you prick
  • thought so dont come back
  • hahahahaha
  • (peace)


  • Bar-Spitter is back, aiming at my next target,
  • Challenging me again? Now I know you're retarded,
  • Again, your fucking grammar couldn't get any shittier,
  • Fucker it's Bar SPITTER, not Bar Splitter,
  • I don't split bars, I spit them, but I'll gladly split your skull in half,
  • And bury your remains with no gravestone or plaque,
  • You're not even creative with your material, shit's just so bare,
  • The only thing that you even insult me for is my hair?
  • You're not the best MC, you couldn't be farther from it,
  • This battle? There's no fucking question on who won it,
  • You'll never spit good bars, someone sure as fuck cast that spell on you,
  • And judging from your piss poor fucking bars, looks like it came true,
  • I'll beat you anytime, summer spring winter or fall,
  • Thanks for putting this battle request out, now I got another win on my wall,

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