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Battle on December 7 2018 and Battle on December 8 2018


  • Nigga I couldn't follow your flow last time
  • Was it hidden or frickin' unrhymed
  • Nigga believe me last time I was kind
  • Odds of you winning this competition, none
  • So now run motherfucker run I'm doing this just for fun
  • Here comes a undercover pun I will eat you sweet bun
  • I can see you turned on by my rhymes and learned son
  • I wait 'till I reach third bong hit then spit like a tec nine
  • Fact one act right or else I'll fuck your sense
  • Of belonging to rap, Why? just for flex
  • I've been talking to cab driver 'bout debts
  • And then he said you have debt to even cab
  • So " How you gonna pay your debt to butterflies inspires you with your wack lines "
  • I asked then my eyes flashed. Otherwise your existence, I can't smash.
  • The god created you for me to pulverize because you are my rank steps
  • Then spoke to me " iskenderdelarge realize! you need to understand deaths
  • Of wack rappers are necessary. " Rap is a way of living
  • When I spit hot I feel like a angry god, What are you feeling?
  • This shit ain't for entertainment, end of the tournament
  • Dude you should never wake up the manic sleeping giant


  • What the fuck man I had just woke up..
  • Keep repeating sleeping giant I say wassup
  • You ain't a giant, but a penis that Snow White needed
  • Smaller than a gnome tryna to play, let me be your leader
  • I wack like Saiyan, ya should know the thing you roleplayed always die
  • Eating chicken in Hainan, you still in the age that thought the best rapper is sike
  • Dude yea picked a fight, war going through the night
  • Iskendar shitass, wack rapper ain't wack but just different
  • All your diss going with metaphors and wacky boy
  • I will gonna scold and make you living in no man's island
  • You should be joy there, cause there are lot of sharks there, dumb ways to die
  • You had tried, fella I felt ya tired do you need a fucking diet?
  • Alright everyone listen to me, he drove a car and hit a tree
  • Wearing a tee into a war, dying sprees nigga enjoying in the bar
  • I have a loot of guns, you gonna have a lot of fun, monster jam released from my "jar"
  • Diss dropping, you will be a penguin flopping, I robbing ya life and feel you losing
  • That nigga smiled like a sun, at the night frowned like the Nun
  • Coming for someone wearing weirdo fedora, stealing his bastard son
  • Saw my name? Jumpscare behind ya, anxiety merely just around hundred percent
  • Hope you realize what the fuck you done, if you can't then fuck off you can't pretend

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