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No more than 16 syllable per line so it'll be easy to read and evaluate.

Max of 30 lines


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Battle on December 8 2018 and Battle on December 11 2018


  • My anger and rage turned into a gunsel mobster
  • I better master how to control the monster faster
  • Time location weather doesn't matter it's a disaster
  • How they mumble every syllable like a bastard
  • Most of the niggas here acting like they're gorillas
  • If this is what rap become then we're guerillas
  • evolution of rap failed us you're either with us
  • or against us sources tell us that the big fuss
  • about lil dicks around is temporary
  • "you'll rise" whispers my mentor fairy
  • they're like ten or twenty rhymes already
  • So you better check for any mistakes I could possibly make
  • Any typo or error that will create terror
  • All the hate inside me reshape into a shade spectre
  • So don't call a doctor, call a priest instead of it
  • What you do for a dollar is your biz, I'll stay out of it
  • But it sounds a bit weird that you'll suck priest's dick
  • For an exorcism in public
  • And perfectionism in lyrics
  • But it's your execution you just don't know it
  • For the recognition I'll empty my whole ammunition
  • Till I'll be the definition of rap and cause revolution
  • Or should I say evolution, it is natural selection
  • While you're mumbling for attention I'll sing for your absolution
  • It's time to change the constitution with a coup
  • And I got every right to rage and engage but I salute
  • What I want is not that hard to understand I assumed
  • But it's too late for redemption the sleeping giant moved


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  • Iskandar, should I send you to fucking Israel? Bitch I hate ya rules
  • You just a small kid, tryna to trick
  • I am hard as brick, yo yellow nigga none dick
  • Why the hell is this fella can't read?
  • Cause he's just same as Lil Pump, just sit
  • What now? How do I punish ya shorty?
  • Actin salty, very naughty, fuck smokepurpp Audi
  • Fuckin sorry but who the fuck are you, why the hell I should listen to you?
  • See now I crossed your line, fucked up your rules cause ya blind
  • All I said just fucking truth, gave the rules without example? Fine
  • I knew ya fucking prepared, but I believe you just losing nipples
  • It's fucking sorry that I should say you should be repaired
  • You must feeling not so good, cause you found the wrong reference!
  • Funeral not Jeff, holdin the mic not to murder,
  • But to create pollution for you complain to your parents
  • But they don't fucking care, they just fucking like:
  • "Look at his name, told you not fucked up the rules, look now ya pissed off,
  • oh my god this is what it came for you don't be shame, receive those boos. "
  • Why should I waste time on you?
  • Teach you some lessons? Maybe
  • Or fix your attitude, peasant? Must be
  • This is a nice present, now shut the fuck up and repeat this one more time
  • Yes I admit I broke the fucking rules, like I care?
  • Yes I admit I am bullying this messed up, he's just bare.
  • lmao

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