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Fuck rules.

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This battle ended in a tie.


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Battle on December 7 2018 and Battle on December 11 2018


  • Who the fuck said I can only diss those rules huh?
  • Yea that's you don't try escape those truths bruh.
  • Your comment showed up cause ya haven't met the real me
  • Now Iskandar, ending the tournament, can you feel me?
  • Yo yellow nigga tryna to have damn vocabs, but I don't get any of them
  • And no one give a fuck on your messages, cause you still blind
  • Now this shit sent immediately, won you on the start ya little coward
  • Beef started so accidentally, but yo should forward cause I will end your career
  • You haven't send me battle, now get your rules, tell them to fuck off
  • Just a small bitch, like a butcher and a fish, but it's too small I must do it soft
  • Now why the hell I wanna send you to Israel? There are another Annabelle there
  • She's hoping that she will meet a childish bad boy, and turn him to a toy
  • Maybe she's out of control, but may be the best choice for yo
  • Or maybe you are already from Israel? Well sorry let me stop this shit
  • Gonna be a trick or treat, but for you there's should only be trick or trick
  • Like a thanos with click, killing so neat, that can be my trick
  • Too much people should be assassinated, especially the people that can't related to the world
  • Let's see your last word, or keep doing your class work?
  • End of my duel, not really nailed it, but ain't cruel, cause nigga later gonna failed it.
  • Maybe too less for you? Nah, respect nigga all I see is what the hell are you talking about, did you fucking insult?


  • For the peace of my mind I need somewhere quiet
  • Something is happening and I think it's a riot
  • This retarded thinks he caught me unguarded and blinded
  • But as i told you before, you woke the sleeping giant
  • Your prediction was close although it's wrong I'm from Philistine
  • David did not beat me up I was playing possum to carve your intestine
  • Are you reallly that reliant to be my defiant 'cause I'm the Goliath don't be mistaken
  • Beef didn't start accidentally I hate your entity I'm on a killing spree you're dead it's certain
  • Who the fuck is Annabelle boy? Oh boy is that a decoy?
  • 'Cause I know no Anna but your mama kinda looked like Annabelle 4's
  • Lead actor and I smacked her then I hooted with a laughter
  • Is that the mother of the motherfucker I am after?
  • We're back on the same chapter you're talking about my vocab
  • I mean look at what you wrote you're so full of crap
  • Fuck the rules what you told I'll put your mural at
  • The wall beside the floor where your indite corpse stand
  • my lyrics are beyond your extent of comprehension that's why you don't get them
  • I'll spit till my demon core expend funeral session of you started go get pen
  • Insulting you was not my intent flawless progression in rhyme scheme did you see that
  • I did it for you to understand and took a lesson first condition show respect
  • Or else I will put a collar around your neck and make you remember
  • The time I chop through your horse's neck on your bed and made you an offer
  • Bothering your godfather is a dishonor you ain't no fucking threat
  • If it're up to me I'ld cut your throat with a gillette but i got nothing left
  • To say you fucking best hope I won't attack and bite you like you are my prey
  • This is is last line I cross mate everything is genuinely well played

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