Bitches and ho's

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Bitch you say ya love me but i'll neva be a sucka' tho
Take her to a spot - get the pussy then i dump a ho
And after that - i'm a duck the ho
And if she eva find me i'm a buck the ho
Fuck a ho
Yea i know you want my stack
But the only thing you gonna get from me is a smack bitch
Right across ya face - black ya eye and make you cry
Cause everything i told ya was a lie
That's right bitch - i'm on the mic bitch
So take a hike or go and fly a fuckin' kite bitch
Cause i don't give a shit
I know you pirty ho - but you a dirty ho
And when i met ya bitch you know you was a nerdy ho
She took a ride wit me - i put her up on game
And since then she ain't neva been the same
And i'm the one to blame
Now i got her fuckin' - suckin' dick and shit, make me rich
I ain't trippin' man ya'll can come and take my bitch
Cause every time she get laid i'm gettin' paid
While these otha sucka's keep gettin' played
Cause she a freaky sleazy type ho ass girl
She like givin' up the pussy all over the world
Big city or a small town it all go down
I don't even know what the fuck to call that now
Only thing i know is to get that dough
Leave your girl alone and i'm a get that ho
Try to get her back but she don't wanna go
She wanna be wit me cause my game is the best
Betta than the rest - put my shit to the test
And get your bitches took damn i guess i must be blessed

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