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Bitches and ho's

  1. Bitch you say ya love me but i'll neva be a sucka' tho
  2. Take her to a spot get the pussy then i dump a ho
  3. And after that i'm a duck the ho
  4. And if she eva find me i'm a buck the ho
  5. Fuck a ho
  6. Yea i know you want my stack
  7. But the only thing you gonna get from me is a smack bitch
  8. Right across ya face black ya eye and make you cry
  9. Cause everything i told ya was a lie
  10. That's right bitch i'm on the mic bitch
  11. So take a hike or go and fly a fuckin' kite bitch
  12. Cause i don't give a shit
  13. I know you pirty ho but you a dirty ho
  14. And when i met ya bitch you know you was a nerdy ho
  15. She took a ride wit me i put her up on game
  16. And since then she ain't neva been the same
  17. And i'm the one to blame
  18. Now i got her fuckin' suckin' dick and shit, make me rich
  19. I ain't trippin' man ya'll can come and take my bitch
  20. Cause every time she get laid i'm gettin' paid
  21. While these otha sucka's keep gettin' played
  22. Cause she a freaky sleazy type ho ass girl
  23. She like givin' up the pussy all over the world
  24. Big city or a small town it all go down
  25. I don't even know what the fuck to call that now
  26. Only thing i know is to get that dough
  27. Leave your girl alone and i'm a get that ho
  28. Try to get her back but she don't wanna go
  29. She wanna be wit me cause my game is the best
  30. Betta than the rest put my shit to the test
  31. And get your bitches took damn i guess i must be blessed




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