Culprits of The Pandemic (Full)

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You are alone Currently locked at your home
Market is crowded you hoard all things overboard
All for the use of your own
Selfish Mind, that's what you have and you're prone
To feed everything all alone
So just live on your own
Make more sins for you to Atone!
Coronavirus maybe the one to kill us
But you made us victim we know that still
There's no mask left for the use of Millions
But you keep buying cuz it looks a little less!
I know that you don't wanna listen. (Ayy!)
For you the population lessens. (Ayy!)
I know in a way that's a blessing (but)
You're guilty and should be confessing.
Covid 19! Don't wanna be quarantined!
Chances of Living are thin
No I don't wanna be seen.
I have always been patient for administration
to administer me with proliferation
of covid - 19 ...So I can be left in between.
"Cuz it's the old that are dying!"
"You can't keep me home with that lying!"
"I know that I gonna be fine"
"But now I am stuck and I am cryin'"
It's the people outside that are causing the spread
You don't wanna stay home, that's what they dread
So they Isolate you with just one bed
So now you can stay there and hope u ain't dead.
Covid 19! Covid 19!
Covid 19! Don't wanna be quarantined!
You say that you give unbiased news
but I only find in you bias (Buzzfeed!) screwed
Trump cuz he called it a chinese virus
and you say that it is his racist views?
We can't always just sit and take these lies.
You said it's weak and it won't suffice.
"This virus is safe", oh what the frick?!
It's the media that caused the Pandemic!!
You're polarising!
got us divided!
Told we were wrong
for what we abided
what you had told
and now you turn away!
Did you really think that we were toys for play?!
You had no sense of justice!
So now let us show u what dust is
Politics is not all that matters!
Had you really forgotten what trust is?!
Covid 19! Covid 19!
Covid 19! Don't wanna be Quarantined.

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