holy water

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woke up gone off an edible still
plug got got me high as my electrical bill
got lightskin chick down in beverly hills
and she always tryna show me how exstacy feel
keep a glizzy on my hip, always ready to kill
and i dont really want to but you bet that i will
better him than me
homie u can check my history
i been pushing more dope than the medical industry
irrelevant enemies wanna finish me
but a keyboard warrior never offended me
you could say ima physical kinda guy
every time i ride the beat its vehicular homicide
gotta show love Rosemery and Grace
JVN, 3l3vat3, alium, and Nave
Anybody else that I forgot to name
It's cus I'm too busy milly rocking on ya grave
told her show me what that ass like
this aint how u was acting about it last night
pussy like holy water, im getting baptised
if she dont let me smash i already did in a past life
i already smashed in a past life
so you might as well remind me what that ass like

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