too good at goodbyes

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I look into the mirror then i close my eyes i don't wanna see all my pain and then cry oh lately
i don't wanna feel like i changed and because lately i haven't been the same more the try the more i feel
and wanted this to be different and i now this my hate just can't be a ranged
and i now i've just been trying to find my remedy and people try to talk to me and they say they understand it
and i don't know what to do i've been running around playing these games and making up crap that i call a lie
and i'm sorry if my feelings are fading away without your hugs and i know i used to do drugs and rap like
i have bugs with people on the street but i don't know how it got like this my feelings are feeling like i'm just gonna
end up fucking dead all this shit is going through my head making me wonder why i ain't dead yet
i'm so sick of this shit everyday i'm too good at say goodbye to everything my heart just is feeling like i'm
in another place without you around and i'm so sick of crying everyday because i was scared
but no my feelings are almost gone and i now something was missing this time around i don't know
i guess it's just the gang playing me like i'm a needle in the head and i feel like i might drop dead
just showing red i guess i might get shot up in the head playing this shit i used ride with a thug
playing these games just going to this shit my first day without you i got my problems going on with me
and every time i ride around i have to strapped with the caps and people pulling up like with their glocks
and shit i'm just saying i'm way too good at saying goodbyes oh wait never mind i thought that was all a lie
but i might as well of died with a glock 45 on the block and i'm hoping you didn't move on with my time and if i ever told you i'm saying goodbye
it's because you where too close to my heart and i now how to put up a fight and i'm not leaving you tonight i might cry tonight and die tonight but that's crazy baby
i'm just too good at saying goodbyes with all that bullshit we all call lies now i'm dead and i'm saying goodbye and i love you tonight it just felt right now i'm saying goodbyes and i cry
because i threw out everything my past and that included you i'm sorry baby boo but it's time to say i love you and i'm too good at saying goodbyes i'm just dying tonight.

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