Sleep (ft. Dirty Sanchez & Dahm)

• Written by  • Featuring Dahm

So I guess I'm back on them substances
Might get sober & relapse in a month again
Standing up drunk as shit, tryna stay vertical
But the whole room look like I got vertigo!
Outro-vert inverted, so these verses can get personal
And niggas switch up like the Sprint spokesperson, yo
Was selling nicks from when he was the Verizon version tho
Now my team mobile with 4Gs at your service, hoe
Used to drop bars on the cell phone
Now the labels calling me yall can't even call home
A lotta women fail to comprehend the words I'm talking, though
Ya momma knows these bitches still dig me like a dog bone
I'm in the studio but I ain't making music tho
Salon lady made my hair look like a Yu-Gi-Oh
Character, or maybe just a pineapple
Niggas beef cause their bread small like White Castle
Bitch, I treat beef like I literally fight cattle
Rhyme patterns leave ya mind baffled
Clyde'll make ya wife gaggle
Pipe game make her roll her eyes backwards
All I do is smoke a lotta weed, rap & time travel
Might grab the Nike Mags for the pricey tag
On the road to righteousness, still a walking psychopath
Hyperactive thought patterns, ringing up a large planet
Hand me my receipt, the world is mine but I bought Saturn
Dear Neptune, I'm outshining horoscopes
That's going for every Virgo, Scorpio
Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Sagitarrius
Leo, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer or Aquarius
All of yall are better off diving in aquariums
Handcuffed with the key stuck inside the sheriff whip
For air, you'll be gasping, like the rap game that I'm grasping
By the neck, show respect, Im Cleverlasting

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