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Writing rhymes all throughout the night time
Or I'm roaming through the city tryna fight crime
"Why don't you let a little light shine?"
I'm sniffing white lines, they say I must be out my right mind
So I told 'em it was always left
I never wear any pair of shoes from Payless
But I kick flows heavy as the weight requirement
To sing in choir with the Sunday's Best
Fuck making they hoes say "Yes!"
They either tell me "Stop! Don't! No!" or they screaming "No, don't stop!"
High as attics when I'm smoking on this home-grown pot
I got the Canon but I ain't taking photo shots
I keeps the 4-4 cocked, make the girating bodies
Of these homos drop then Tony Romo launch
My ball sack deep down the whole throat of a thot
I kill the beat whether my rhymes had a motive or not
And it don't stop, spit flows hot as the stove top
Blowing pot, toting Glocks, fill ya noggin with shots
I'm a goblin, you're a goon, I live on top of the Moon
Clydeology the album & I am dropping it soon
Rap tight like cacoons high like a balloon
Full of helium, even quadraphelics be feeling him
Give em Hell like Charmeleon or the Devil
In heavenly weather, don't even try, you'll never be better
I got a song for every letter in Cleverlasting
You'll get the 13th one whenever you rappers past me
Never; I'm too stellar, you other fuckers are ass cheeks
And very soft, like the dairyaire of a Care Bear
Receiving wear & tear from a pre-teen virgin
Ima need my fair share of the profits for these verses
My flow's finger licking good like Churches chicken
Kung-fu kicking these lyrical words of wisdom
So learn & listen, I'm turning crews to murder victims
I done made the worst decisions like slapping my wife
When I walk in the kitchen only to witness the sight of dirty dishes
From serving detention to hurting you little girls in prison
Bars.. locked in the confines of penitentiaries
And hopefully they'll set 'em free sometime within a century
Until then, I'll be sitting in this living Hell
Tossing all my commissary money down the wishing well

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