Five Years

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Living life without the time for regret
Just sitting by, getting by is not the life I expect
They ask me where I see myself in five years
Fuck five years lil homie cuz this is my year
But I'm five years younger than you
I'm still sitting here tryna find something to do
I'm sick of running with these dudes, doing drugs
It's uncomfortable but I still got love for my crew
First off, I'm undeniably hot
I ain't talking about my looks or crooks with drugs
that's supplying the blocks
Bitch I'm talking bout the rhymes that I drop
Ironically my soul's colder than ice in a box
That's why I'm still defying cops if you like it or not
As soon as the Vicodins popped, I'm igniting the pot
To kill the pain in me, nothing changes it remains shitty
But I won't surrender in the center of the danger
Feel my temple tremble filling up with anger
And I'm never showing any sensitivity to strangers
Since the fame hit me, everybody in the same city
Looking at the face of the future & it ain't pretty
It's quite foul, I hate walking around
Downtown seeing chalk on the ground & bodies found
I still stride & strive to stay alive
In this area where only hysteria can survive
If you never wanna hear the words "your child died"
Procreate then proceed to protect what you can provide
That's real talk from a man named Clyde
If anybody ever told you different, then they lied
//Escobar verse coming soon

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