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ClydeCyrus's Notes

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My hero's name is Capital STEEZ
He told me not to speak with snakes before Adam and Eve
He is the greatest influence for me to keep making music
Showed us how to unlock our minds and use it for the better
Revolutionary rebel and a legendary lyricist
He taught me not to judge other people by their appearences
Fought with fearlessness for everything that we believed in
Including world peace for all the kids in the streets
Now STEEZ is deceased from jumping off the highest of buildings
How ironic when he was against violence and killing
And he was not a villain, he probably battled the Baphomet
Because he is a prophet uninterested in the profit
Enlightened us with knowledge, aligning ya chakras
And following God's path while igniting the chronic
He gave his life to Jah to work 2/47
So King Capital, may your soul rest in Heaven
Straight jacket and a noose instead of suit & ties
It seems that suicide's the only thing that isn't do or die x2
looking out for these fallen angels n' kick'd to curbs
I spit the word even Jesus said to stick to her
I picture nerds flipping bricks n' spliffing herb
in the kitchen whipping spitting some kickin' verbs
I see the truth but I'm kinda like a weeaboo,
I'm blackanese, but I rather stick to jeans n' boots
oxygen the trees produce but what about these diesel fumes
You hear the news? yeah still yapping 'bout extremist groups
I won't believe it 'till I see the proof
C squared, cube eyed, the truth lies with Lexicon thru Clyde
I said F what they heard about, through the word of mouth
I'm absurd leading people like a herd of cows
Ignition igniting in your speakers to burn the house
ain't lisa lopez but I'll swear that you hear me now
living solely for nosebleeds, stick my finger in your nose
you're so nosey, nostalgic feeling I swear she (k)nose me
I'm like half n' half, like a snapple, I'm going back to black
The aftermath of clouding visions, cataract,
I'm proud of that, I speak the truth I rather have impact
I'm tryna save the world so you know where my passion at
Rest in peace to Cap...

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