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reppin in texas my salary taxless the ground that i walk on is blessed
now who woulda betcha that i’d be the best in the game with no second guessin
got girlies undressin while their man be flexin and i just be posted relaxin
chonies get wetter cause my flows are better than anything downloaded ever
homies get down to this cut when they rollin up never no holdin up never
my racks are reflective my raps are reflexive goddammit i’m stackin this cheddar
got hunnies and bunnies and plenty of money i call it a currensy fetish
could start up a produce delivery business the way that i’m stashin this lettuce
a bad move you make if ever you thinkin of tryna be bettin against us
we never be slowin up yieldin to hos hell no ever gon find us out stressin
now fans send me letters too many to member if i hear em hatin i let em
cause i know that no one is cake like me no one gets baked like me alla them fucboi be jealous
i’m sittin here jellin like jelly insertion no tellin where next i be jettin
prolly like germany spain and italy mainly amsterdam never forget it
wranglin strange in each of them places you know me yo homie can get it
get paid everyday in dollars no change like one of them oh eight republicans
but fuck it i aint fuckin with them i just turn on big sean and i bump it
cause now i be guap my money don’t stop golddiggin hos they all love it
boardin them planes to get away from this place
corbi in space not leavin no trace
my style take you higher like lightin up fire my mind is inspired i’ll never retire
stay walkin the wire and playin so live til the day that i die cause i’m feelin so irie
Sparkin the loud and we makin no sound, releasin the clouds all over downtown
I’m feelin the love cause i’m feelin the bud
Got my braids up and i don’t give a fuck
I’m feelin so irie feelin so irie feelin so irie feelin so irie
Stealin the thunder but stayin so flashy
Hash is the only thing ashy about me
Feelin so high we feelin so high we feelin so high
We fly, higher than you can imagine
I am the duke and my mansion
Is zenith if you can imagine
Never seen it cause you don’t know passion how could you be so damn stupid and passive
If you don’t shoot i suggest that you pass it so i can be mario bro ima smash it
We fly, high, i recommend you bring a mask i’m taken aback that you ask
They sky, dive, i command your attention at last here i can speak like a deacon at mass
No lie, i shine brightest in the night, time
Aint no keepin the feelin at bay who is that creepin up corbi k
Corbi k sneakin up stealin the game

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