Loss of Control

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I started off with one
now I got two maybe three
Don't know what I'm saying,
I'm talking personalities
Keep challenging, you'll get to see
The beast inside of me,
One second I'm fine, then I see the mic
And than I can't help but to freak,
Maybe It's the lack of sleep
The bad feedback I've received
I'm mad, I know, I concede
but not until I succeed
if the hunt is on, than I need to feed
I grab the gun, Go to the door
Red's all I see, I drop to the floor
don't know what I'm thinking anymore
Hold the gun to my chin, say no more
Wait hold on, go back
This isn't you, urges, you control that
Close your eyes, world fades to black
Breathe in, breathe out, maniac
I'm calmed down now, but I'm not gone now
My frenzy will enter the town
I'm loud, but not loud enough
Crash through walls like a monster truck
Hear my voice, hear the screams amuck
I'm not slowing down, don't give a fuck
don't care who you are, or where you've been
When you see me coming, notify your next of kin
Whats happening, I'm losing control, damnit
Fires burning, people hurting, its disturbing
and I'm learning there's no curbing the disaster
That I've started, that he started, that you started
That I started, That who started, that we started
They're onto me
But I've got guns, why do I flee?
I'll make headlines, this wont' be easy
fuck it, mom wanted to see me
on the news
And now that I've blown a fuse
Always the son she wouldn't choose
Fuck her too, Guess there's really nothing to lose
Bang, down they go
Later into six foot deep holes
Can't wait for mine, we both
get the same treatment, dirty stones
And now I'm thinking that I got them all
Theres no stopping the man, they crawl away
Guess I won't die today!

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