Star Bucks

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//Hook x4
I'm sipping lean nigga that's cause I got money
Smoking dope nigga that's cause I got money
30 on me nigga that's cause I got money
//Verse 1
I stack my paper till it get sky high
A playmaker not just in the game to get by
Put in the hard labor I can back up my bravado
Yeah I got haters but I also got a Murcielago
I'm a tough act to follow
They love me from LA to Chicago
They begging me to come around
It's a Green Day, Ima smoke an ounce
Jokes, fuck an ounce, Ima smoke a pound
Greened out on the ground, I just dropped a couple G's
Rolling in that cheddar cheese, quit now bitch please
I'm just getting started, smoking on that chronic
Counting all the money balling hard till I'm falling
Dough, hoes, clothes, blow, GoPro, polo, photo ops
Running from the paps like I'm running from the cops
Stop? I cannot
//Hook x 4
//Verse 2
Checked the bank account yesterday
Economy's seen better days
But I still kill it every day
Smoking hash so heavenly
I'm on top of this money shit
Fucking bitches like honey dips
Rap clinic, so study shit
No one else doing none of this
Rolled up to the club in a new Benz, Maybach
Later in the night I'm banging two tens, bare back
All the honeys lining up to lick my lollipop
All the money, star getting bucks like a coffee shop
My flow is the hottest I'm a modern Nostradamus
A Rick Ross flossed out boss ass God fucking Goddesses
Yeah, what the fuck you gon do about that?

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