The Race

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Everyone take your marks, take your marks
Find Find your spot, make your mark
Take a knee, wait for that shot
Heard a bang, so so you took your luck
And ran with it
your legs feeling weak, your spit, can't swallow it
You grit your teeth cause you know you're quick
And you'd sooner die than have to submit
but you don't know how you're going to catch up
this is a race, and you at the back of
the pack, not quite the last of,
But all the losers, yeah, you're among
Don't know what you're gonna do
all those people ahead of you
and the finish line is coming into view
So who cares if this the last breathe you drew
you push yourself, no time to waste, straight through
so many gains, you didn't only pass a few
you passed the finish line first, heard the crowd go (Wooh)
Did that really just happen?
you won, the crowd is clapping
your lungs, they are collapsing
your hearts beating so fast, it's crashing
Gravity's become more demanding,
it becomes harder to stay there standing
You hit the floor, your panting
Thats when you look up and your handed
Everything you were working for
not out of your reach, not anymore
and even though your legs are soar
you feel transformed down to your core
You regain your strength,
than pick yourself up
Take the trophy in both hands
than throw those hands up
You won the race, you won this time, you got to the top
you made the climb, your at your prime, you won't be stopped (2x)

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