Back it up

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Rasha's Notes

I usually try to write fairly emotionally and use more sincere topics in my songs, even though that would have been easy with this one, I wanted to challenge myself with something sillier. Enjoy!

Yeah I can back it up, I back it up
Got the money, so I back it up
Yeah girl, back up, drop it to the floor than stand up
spin around, Touch the ground, I'll throw my stacks up
Show me what happens when money ends up
In the wrong hands, got wicked plans,
The way you moving got me in a trance that's
Got me ready to enjoy a judgement lapse
So much money girl, you know it's gonna last
Who would've thought that little ol' me would be rollin
so much dough that bakeries don't come close to me
I'm like mold, making them all green with jealousy
Can I really can back up my claims, well honestly
It didn't all come free, I spent five dollars on a ticket
And than I won the fucking lottery
Yeah I can back it up, I back it up
Got the money, so I back it up
So I bought some shit, don't know what I'm even gonna do with it
gave away my lambo cause some of its white gold paint got chipped
Lost the keys to my second mansion, so now it's abandoned
Who cares, everyones wasted money, I mean who hasn't?
Got millions left to burn though, Don't know what I'm gonna do
Ask really nicely and who knows, spend it all on you
Take you out to nice shows, them night clubs will never close
Maybe I'll invest a little to recover what's been lost
But I won the lottery, so why should I care about the cost?
Yeah I can back it up, I back it up
I got the money, so I back it up

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