Time Rhymer

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I got experimental flows so hot only the devil knows
I'll go up in smoke like steam from the I Devils nose
I think my pencil froze I think my life's a joke
from skippingparty's to home alone on the Marley
but I'm done with that shit dress to impress and break the bad habits
I promise, I stick to my word like magnets
no more going bat shit. they be giving us that ass bitch
wish I was like half rich can't even afford a sandwich
I'm a courier of Vegas lost in my mind of strangeness never dreamt of being famous but I'm on my path to greatness
so fuck what they say I'm spitting great lines
haters turning red like my pimples from grade nine.
don't ask for my respect you know damn well I paid mine
now I might rhyme and now I fight crime and now I fuck dimes I can stop time to climb my shrine
I'm bill b0 bitch and I was made prime
Time is truly wasted
There's no guarantee x2
try to solve me like a puzzle, but imma cold case
I'll vanish without a trace, And manage without your grace
speaking in this mic just trying to find my place
but I get lost in the speakers when my rhyme plays
I got words pouring out of me like I'm a fucking dictionary
doing party favors with your girl like playing pictionary
I'm a visionary, writing raps spitting barely
see all these bitches? yeah I'm hitting rarely
I got a goal with my life to be more positive
I drop hits, take pride in my accomplishments
take hits and get higher than rocketships
now I'm blasting off feeling a little dizzy
feeling a little silly, rolling a bigger philly
showing up taking over the fuckin city
Time is truly wasted
There's no guarantee x2

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