Heaven returned

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Where am I, yeah, I need to know,
One second ago, I'm driving home, out in the dark alone
Now I'm here, and its bright and shining
The lights, so nice, so intoxicating
I feel so light, so care free, like I'm flying
Wait, could it be, tell me, am I really dying
No, please tell me that your lying
This can't really be, I don't wanna be rising
Put me down, I see the gates, no turning back
After that, I know you don't retract
Your decisions to act, but I need to go
My family, need to know
Let me return to the life I've known
I can live the rest of it in the light you've shown
Now that I know, my soul, that you own
Let me go back and respond to my dad on the phone
And maybe I'll see you later, with you on your throne
Our father, hollowed be thy name
Don't let it be that I lived my life in vain
Let me go back, I need to get through this
Give me one more chance to just redo this

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