Falling Pieces

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Every time I look at her
My mind goes skyward, gotta catch
It before it gets away, I gotta say
Its like I've been waiting all of these days
For this moment to justa come all of my way
So I stand up, and prepare to face
The women of my dreams, ya know, to set chase
And based on the looks I'm getting,
She's loving the looks I'm giving
Maybe she even planning on letting
Me get closer,
She's not planning on leaving
me alone tonight
May even be coming with
Me home tonight
The futures never looked so bright
So clearly in sight, so high, this is the night
There's a pretty girl sitting in the corner
She's looking at me and I'm looking at her
Everything is falling into place
I'll go say hi, or something of the like
Maybe buy her a drink, come off as polite
Can't let this time go to waste
I ask for her name, she says its elley
I stop and try tell her that's a pretty name
But my toung keeps on playing its games
And I can't say the words I want to say
I swear I'm not the one to blame
She just laughs and tells me I'm cute
I ruined my chances, yeah I'm screwed
That's when she hands me a piece of paper
She scribbled an adress on it, signed it see you later
So I show up the next day, a quarter past noon
Don't know what happened next, ended up in a bedroom
The next morning I had a girl in my arms
Invited her to my home, thats where we spend the hours
There's a pretty girl im waiting to see
I love her so much, and she loves me
Everything is falling into place
I'll never leave, I won't waste her time
I'll fall to a knee and make sure she's mine
Can't let this time go to waste

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