* A Stan's Last Stand * – Ginger...

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names ginger, i aint got no soul
got no bars aint got no flow
another stan that lost control
and musta thought that cars could float
if yall really wanna know
the one time i didnt choke
was when i gave marshall dome
i keep his jizz up in a jar at home
wall taped up with articles
and tickets to all his shows
and i even wear all his clothes
i know all the songs wrote
i even got all the merch that he ever sold
but now i been exposed
he all i think about when im alone rubbin my choad
i got no personality
none my jams be quality
no originality
why aint shady proud of me
they never listen
but aint noone out here loud as me
its got me lookin cowardly
how i be droppin tunes hourly
feedback? i cant handle it
i sit here with my pants unzipped
firm grasp with the hand to dick
sayin im the man and shit
that all my jams are hits
but yall i cant convice
so i spam and diss
but cant admit its
the only reason yall know ya man exist

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