@everyone. huge loss for rappad.

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Guys, I don't know how to start this one off.
Auto, died from a heart attack in his motel with Semi_Matic.
(he died in the hospital, had the heart attack in his motel whoops typo)
May 15th. 1 hour ago.
Sadly he took his last breath.
He was a great kid. Super bright future ahead of him.
They take legends way too fast.
I could only wish I was joking right now.
Auto wanted me to release an album for him after he died, on his profile, and my own.
Please, support me and Semi.
This is a huge loss, as he was my childhood friend.
He was 19 years old. Super fucking young.
He was also diagnosed with cancer 2 months prior, might have been related to that.
we did not know how bad it was, it might have been the cancer.
I don't know what to say next if i'm being honest.
I wish this is a joke.
Semi and Auto went to California to have a vacation around half a week ago.
Sad knowing only one of them would come back.
More coming out soon maybe.
Just wanted to get this out there.
I will be on Auto's account managing it.
I will be respectful of his raps, and i'll post a few of his unreleased songs,
(because he told me to do so.)
Love you Lil Bro....

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