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@everyone. huge loss for rappad.

  1. Guys, I don't know how to start this one off.
  2. Auto, died from a heart attack in his motel with Semi_Matic.
  3. (he died in the hospital, had the heart attack in his motel whoops typo)
  4. May 15th. 1 hour ago.
  5. Sadly he took his last breath.
  6. He was a great kid. Super bright future ahead of him.
  7. They take legends way too fast.
  8. I could only wish I was joking right now.
  9. Auto wanted me to release an album for him after he died, on his profile, and my own.
  10. Please, support me and Semi.
  11. This is a huge loss, as he was my childhood friend.
  13. He was 19 years old. Super fucking young.
  14. He was also diagnosed with cancer 2 months prior, might have been related to that.
  15. we did not know how bad it was, it might have been the cancer.
  16. I don't know what to say next if i'm being honest.
  17. I wish this is a joke.
  18. Semi and Auto went to California to have a vacation around half a week ago.
  19. Sad knowing only one of them would come back.
  21. More coming out soon maybe.
  22. Just wanted to get this out there.
  24. I will be on Auto's account managing it.
  25. I will be respectful of his raps, and i'll post a few of his unreleased songs,
  26. (because he told me to do so.)
  28. RIP AUTO.
  29. Love you Lil Bro....




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