Armed dangerous and relentless

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Writing rhymes armed dangerous and relentless
Fighting time better watch or you’ll get rocked looking defenseless
When you get socked you’ll get knocked off your feet have you breathless
Punches and bunches Avenue endless
Hook to the body hurt your stomach like some crunches
Lines I load them and fire them out then I have it looking like a war world
Sign your motive get them sirens in going to jail a little twirled world it’s curled
Wasn’t it for pearls you pop him like those fair games I guess to you it’s fair game
A ass beating is pairing in jail looking too afraid to start staring
You said you were 10 toes down never caring
Clown in those towns with shackles
No crackles you a sad joke desperately trying to get an appeal for real
Or a pill to then kill yourself

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