Rising Star

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rising star
thats what you are
glitter when i have you in my arms
when we apart
i’m thinking of us
im not afraid
my emotions are written all over the page
note it down easy
aint it so strange
my style steezy
trapped in a cage
but feel like a sage
when you around
no need for loud
happiness comes from the sound
of your voice
i rejoice
something bout it
is making me cloudy
feeling so soft
but you are gone and the feeling is lost
there is no light at end of the tunnel
all of my joy escaped down a funnel
say what you doing tomorrow
need you to take me out my sorrow
if a bit of your time i could just borrow
ill slip a better rhyme and put it in auto
72-days are left till its back
the sorrow the horror ill be feeling tomorrow
feel nothing like i ever saw
scrape sharper than a claw
but straight to the heart
leaving me shocked
you’ll leave to America
and ill be lost
getting out that state
oh what will it cost
my mental state be completely exhaust-ed
but still on some boss shit
people say i lost it
guess they right

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