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Rising Star

  1. rising star
  2. thats what you are
  3. glitter when i have you in my arms
  4. when we apart
  5. i’m thinking of us
  6. im not afraid
  7. my emotions are written all over the page
  8. note it down easy
  9. aint it so strange
  10. my style steezy
  11. trapped in a cage
  12. but feel like a sage
  13. when you around
  14. no need for loud
  15. happiness comes from the sound
  16. of your voice
  17. i rejoice
  18. something bout it
  19. is making me cloudy
  20. feeling so soft
  21. but you are gone and the feeling is lost
  22. there is no light at end of the tunnel
  23. all of my joy escaped down a funnel
  24. say what you doing tomorrow
  25. need you to take me out my sorrow
  26. if a bit of your time i could just borrow
  27. ill slip a better rhyme and put it in auto
  28. 72 days are left till its back
  29. the sorrow the horror ill be feeling tomorrow
  30. feel nothing like i ever saw
  31. scrape sharper than a claw
  32. but straight to the heart
  33. leaving me shocked
  34. you’ll leave to America
  35. and ill be lost
  36. getting out that state
  37. oh what will it cost
  38. my mental state be completely exhaust ed
  39. but still on some boss shit
  40. people say i lost it
  41. guess they right




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