Street running

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I just want u to know u deserve the world
I'm apologizin' right now
He be stayin' up
When I ain't comin' home
In the streets Runnin', runnin', runnin'
It's so hard to get sleep,
Fake niggas always caught up in the realest shit
Grandma always told me, "Watch who u be dealin' with"
Snake bitches, can't get wrapped up in your feelings with
Never watered down, my closest ones is on some killin' shit
Born a baller, baby boy, I be above the rim
Quick step, then I plant,
Went from sleepin' on the floor to pissin'
All my teachers sellin' dope, even sold me a sack
Wake up in the mornin', so I need to smoke
When I really need to keep my queen close
MAC-11, dirty money on my prayer rug
Say a prayer for me, really show a player love
Time to touch a million, did it with finesse
Never wait up for me, go and get ur rest

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