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Street running

  1. I just want u to know u deserve the world
  2. I'm apologizin' right now
  3. He be stayin' up
  4. When I ain't comin' home
  5. In the streets Runnin', runnin', runnin'
  6. It's so hard to get sleep,
  7. Fake niggas always caught up in the realest shit
  8. Grandma always told me, "Watch who u be dealin' with"
  9. Snake bitches, can't get wrapped up in your feelings with
  10. Never watered down, my closest ones is on some killin' shit
  11. Born a baller, baby boy, I be above the rim
  12. Quick step, then I plant,
  13. Went from sleepin' on the floor to pissin'
  14. All my teachers sellin' dope, even sold me a sack
  15. Wake up in the mornin', so I need to smoke
  16. When I really need to keep my queen close
  17. MAC 11, dirty money on my prayer rug
  18. Say a prayer for me, really show a player love
  19. Time to touch a million, did it with finesse
  20. Never wait up for me, go and get ur rest




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