Sell Out

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Sell out, to eat you have to sell out.
When you get that feeling you had selled out.
Now you never thinking you can sell out.
Another couple grand you need to shell out.
Adjusting for your fans, to get the bread now.
"Is he fucking up so bad? Something's up with that."
You been writing so much, pencil's got the lead out.
Try fighting for a change, it never spreads out.
Fuck going back to roots, you gotta spread out.
You been underground, you gotta get out.
Pick a brand deal here, brand deal there.
Look another start up, get your branding there.
Get mad you sell out? Outlandish fear.
Not the land of the free, the landlord doesn't care.
That's why public domain's been inactive for years.
They want the money, even if they acting sincere.
Say they becoming broke, bust an act up for prayers.
Twas a marketing scheme, just an act for his share.
Some of us react like we care
Most of us ain't actually aware that-
They nerfed the whole game, still attracting the players.

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