Sometimes Ft. SeaJay
A-52 props Recorded
Can't tell if I'm coming or going
Can't tell if I'm running from no-one
... and 113 more lines
by Trusc
11 days ago 
Run It Up (I'm All In)
B47 props 
**starts at 0:13 seconds**
(Chorus) x2
Champagne Champagne
All Black New Range
... and 50 more lines
by CartierrJ
29 days ago 
45 props Recorded
I aint go no horse but ill take that porche and drive you off in the sunset
Forget everything you thought of me at first i need no assumptions
You know im here for better or worse ill give you all my lovin okay
... and 25 more lines
by Urameshi
25 days ago 
43 props Recorded
Intro: let your mind go huh you feel me?
feeling psycho feeling psycho
got me looking down while im walking a tight rope
... and 29 more lines
by Urameshi
14 days ago 
Career Pathway
B-41 props 
//intro: 0:00 to 0:15//
You fumbled in a drill, young man get on the hill
I do this rap shit for fun it ain't no career
Cause you're the worst best girlfriend i ever had
... and 106 more lines
by Musically
12 days ago 
37 props Recorded
Bitch I am untouchable, clutch your throat I'll choke ya choke ya
Bitch I am untouchable, clutch your throat I'll choke ya choke ya
Bitch I am untouchable, clutch your throat I'll choke ya choke ya
Untouchable, fuck 'em all if they want to brawl
... and 50 more lines
by K-Klipz
15 days ago 
not a sad song
B37 props 
(verse 1)
Even though you broke me like your promises
this not a sad song
bouncin back like a ping pong ball
... and 24 more lines
by Zzzoey
28 days ago 
big wrist froze (ft k-klipz)
35 props Recorded
flow on the track so effortless
finna put the chrome to your back, won’t threaten shit
ho ho, in my bag, where the presence is
... and 58 more lines
by lil-pot
23 days ago 
K.Y.P (Feat. Notdead & Pontus)
34 props Recorded
//Listen to the song lol//
//Mixed/Mastered by me//
//Cover art by Notdead//
//Thanks to Pontus/Tyche for the feature//
25 days ago 
Painful Skies
B33 props
I know what I did
And I'm not sitting here blaming anybody else
... and 91 more lines
by Gemtric27
17 days ago 
32 props Recorded
Lyrics coming
by DUZ
12 days ago 
NIGHTMARES (feat. lil pot & Lil Dunk)
31 props Recorded
I try get up but I can’t move
Pinned down ain’t know what the fuck to do
It ain’t unlike the luck I knew
Devils shifting in and out the room
... and 69 more lines
by SeaJay
18 days ago 
B-30 props 
Hear I am, waking up, engines startin'
The monster, wakin' up, I'm back with it
Don't start with with me, unless you ballsy
... and 45 more lines
by PennySillin
19 days ago 
My Mind Is Like
B29 props
‘My mind is like, I don’t even know
Whatever is on it I just say it then let it go
Life is a big episode,
Some memories you can’t just forget em’ though,
... and 12 more lines
by -Hazard-
13 days ago 
Blue Arrows
28 props Recorded
I think i woke up wasted
Last night I text my ex like 3 or 4 times with no reply
Jaded by the fact you’ll base your whole damn life off of being a Gemini
I do what I want
... and 44 more lines
by Kro
5 days ago 
28 props Recorded
//Just An Beat That I Jacked Up //
//I'd really like to hear your thoughts about it//
9 days ago 
Can't Relate
28 props Recorded
by Ursodiol
28 days ago 
28 props Recorded
This was an accident
by Ballistik
29 days ago 
Deeper Into The Mind Of Vi
B-27 props 
// Verse (0:12)
I get to the crib after dusting the pigs.
Pulled up in my empty driveway and I saw this bitch.
She had a gun out and asked if I had last words.
... and 53 more lines
by -Vixlet-
9 days ago 
T-minus! (T-KOZY DISS)
B27 props Recorded
no hard feelings but you get on my nerves
i finna go hard sammy and this shit finna hurt
so far, i just hope that u do your worst
i deserve a good fight, so don't make me regret it
... and 49 more lines
by nocents
21 days ago 
“Habitat” - Freestyle
B-26 props
Choose to be the emo kid so you stay off my dick and that
Chose to stick to rap cos none my homies say they sick of that
People still be hating though, tryna take the mick, so
Imma put you in your place bro, right here in my habitat
... and 44 more lines
by Harddoc
22 days ago 
Under Water
A24 props 
Mmmhh mmh
yah let me do my thang
I feel like nothing can sum me
yeh yeh yeh
... and 42 more lines
by KeY_32
18 days ago 
Ʀainbows & Unicorns (Slim Shady & Juice WRLD Ai)
23 props Recorded
🌟 All Lyrics by Sky-Cartmill
Ʀainbows & Unicorns 🦄 (Slim Shady & Juice WRLD) Ai Mix by DRnova
(Տlim Տhady Ai Verse 1 )
I like to think I'm pretty smart and full of heart as I sit here and light up yet another dart!
... and 110 more lines
by DRnova
13 days ago 
Doctor Who? (Drnova Diss)
B+23 props 
The cosmic wanderer has once again awoken to take a shit
On the one who wants to sound just like Eminem , please Stan tell me your not
getting wet dreams when your having lucid sex with Slim Shady
Kaze is definitely not your cup of tea just ask TooSense the nuisance and
... and 38 more lines
by MasterKaze
20 days ago 
Twisted Devil Melted Mind
23 props Recorded
//(Verse 1)
[Sunshine ballad this acid rather fantastic stare into a melting mirror see hell is nearer](they say don’t look in a mirror on acid… that...
Tragic what can happen just pass him a fucking matchstick
ashes to ashes don’t say shit I won’t mention neither
... and 60 more lines
by Atheist-Christ
27 days ago 
Devil / Angel
22 props Recorded
( Intro )
Devil in the shape of an angel
In the shape of an angel
I ain't even doing nothing bad
... and 47 more lines
13 days ago 
Ride With Me
B22 props Recorded
Yo homie what's up get in my coop
Have you watched the news, give ya the latest scoop
Some real news and fake news
If I got on a nice suit, do I only spit the truth
... and 81 more lines
by Swabski
16 days ago 
B21 props 
Its nothing that I can see
Its getting hard to breathe
These changes are overwhelming
... and 33 more lines
by Flakez
3 days ago 
What's My Purpose?
B-21 props
Verse 1:
Sitting all alone in my pool of sadness,
don't know wether to sink or swim cause i feel hopeless,
no matter who or what tries to help me they never stay cause it's pointless,
... and 22 more lines
by LilDrowzy
14 days ago 
B21 props 
Everyone has their moments
Where you can win it all
... and 68 more lines
by PennySillin
14 days ago 
Third Eye
B-21 props Recorded
New feature 🙂
Im at the end
Follow me on insta @apolloschalice
... and 6 more lines
by NextApollo
21 days ago 
Pile of Dead Kings
A-21 props Recorded
//(Verse 1)
More abandoned houses than homeless working the street up
That make about as much cents as working for free does
So fuck it like I’m putting my feet up that aint no way to feed us
... and 40 more lines
by Atheist-Christ
25 days ago 

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