No Rivals
83 props Recorded
I'm in my playhouse, I got the bag now
They used to laugh then, now its sad how, now they backed out
Their is no way in, their is no way out
they just switchen for clout, I just made my route
... and 22 more lines
by user703271886
16 days ago 
B+52 props 
My inspirations are JuzTrae and Tyrrantxx, I am here to start Doomsday and you better be compliant,
I'll break the vertebrae of the defiant, corpse left to decay, you see I'm a giant.
I want to be like Maverick or D-Rex, I'll break the haters like a toothpick and prove that I'm big as a T-Rex,
going on a rampage like a lunatic, killing those rappers who do nothing but flex.
... and 94 more lines
by Sentricus
18 days ago 
Urban Accents - Murdering Time
A-48 props Recorded
//Scotland's Greatest
What the fucks with this, abyss that we're livin'
It's taking the piss, dismiss what they're givin'
We went from rap Heaven to Hell cant you tell
... and 39 more lines
by ScotlandsGreatest
21 days ago 
S.T.A.N. 3
B-46 props 
dear Kaze I'm writing you for the third time now, I know
You haven't gotten my last to messages, or maybe you
Haven't understood my fucking sentences, it's kinda fucked
Up that you haven't you answered my last [two letters](Stan 1&2)
... and 32 more lines
by Kaze-E
5 days ago 
A-44 props 
Damn this Nigga be needin a Donation,
Fuckin saw a broke boy like you pulled a side near by the gas station,
Bc the Nigga failed on his Graduation,
Got no knowledge of filtration,
... and 27 more lines
by NightCurse
20 days ago 
Plot Thickens (Feat NorStar-AKA-Grimm)
A-39 props 
(StormTheArsonist Verse:)
Gather up the family ,we got a conference to call!
this is war!!!!
I can't take this nonsense any more.
... and 73 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
18 days ago 
The Devil (Feat. Norstar-Aka-Grimm)
B39 props 
[NorStar-AKA-GRIMM Verse:]
Now as I break down a blunt of this fif wheel/
I'm thinkin to myself if the devil is real/
Then I bet his weed probably be straight Kill/
... and 43 more lines
by Kaze-E
20 days ago 
B37 props 
I've been waiting to long sitting there waiting for you motherfuckers
To catch along, this is just to wrong cuz we're are like the king kong
Just to fucking strong, you will never be as good like us combined
You niggaz are losing your mind cuz we're bringing the heat everytime
... and 44 more lines
by Kaze-E
9 days ago 
The Life And Death Of Dope Doc
B-37 props 
This me the one and only, this is life at its purest and finest
From friends to rivals to rivals to worst enemies, just like
If it was yesterday I remember everyone looked down at you
Until you tried hard enough to find a light, a way to some how
... and 72 more lines
by Kaze-E
14 days ago 
Darkseid (WIP)
B+37 props 
Nobody has ever seen my dark side, I am evil like Darkseid,
murdering fools like Im Bonnie or Clyde, trash talkers will be a victim of a homicide
I'll be known worldwide, like Jekyll and Hyde, I'll let you decide if you want to run or hide,
I'll rise like a high tide, those people who hate me better move aside,
... and 5 more lines
by Sentricus
22 days ago 
A36 props 
Clawing through my enemies like I'm Wolverine, raps on fire as if it's kerosene,
I am a survivor like [Katniss Everdeen], although the grass around me ain't evergreen,
I don't smoke THC, [cat piss is never clean], I don't drink lean, I'll rather drown in gasoline,
hate comments bouncing off me like people on a trampoline, I'm as berserk as a killing machine,
... and 12 more lines
by Sentricus
6 days ago 
B+36 props
Day N' Night
Meeja "south western"
international Nyungar kickin' with MR.
... and 132 more lines
by LyricLee
6 days ago 
Sex, Drugs & Money 2
A-36 props 
[Kaze-E Verse:]
Ah Kaze once again breaking them charts, even the recored
Bitches don't come close to my motherfucking song , haven't
You heard that I'm one of the greatest to spit a maniac verse,
... and 48 more lines
by Kaze-E
11 days ago 
When shit hits the fan
B-36 props 
i have no idea what i got my dirty face in
im pacing,
heart racing,
... and 63 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
21 days ago 
Luna Snow
B35 props
Hi, I'm Luna Snow, I make blizzards, avalanches and glaciers,
I'm anonymous like John Doe, I have the power of wizards, launchers and saviours,
I like all things Frosty, I like ice, if you like warm, you lost me, get out of my eyes,
I might be Elsa with a disguise, if you are someone I despise, get ready for your demise,
... and 5 more lines
by Luna-Snow
15 days ago 
Bad Meets Evil (Feat. The-Venom)
B-34 props 
[The-Venom Verse:]
Alright lets do this, Venom is in the rap game now
Allow me to pass through, right inside the Dead House
Venom the Symbiote is back, but with a sickness called craziness
... and 47 more lines
by Kaze-E
18 days ago 
Nuclear Fallout
B33 props Recorded
Just when they thought it was safe to open the hatch again
Rush through, slam the vault shut and trapped 'em in
A bomb shelter can't protect you from attacks within
Plus I sealed the vault to the thing it latches in
... and 124 more lines
by Verax_
23 days ago 
Exit Marco Enter Kaze
B33 props 
The last song I wrote was how I die, but tonight I'm reincarnated
Like jesus with the fucking name Kaze, I keep my Tech9 close
To me just in case, does niggaz wanna have a place in a grave
Feel the fucking wave while we blaze haze 24/7 everyday
... and 31 more lines
by Kaze-E
24 days ago 
Power Button (Prod. Brokebwoy)
32 props Recorded
//Hook x2//
shut off ya phones, put down the damn cameras
distracting yo mind, attention span damages
dopamine the new crack, it man handles us
... and 22 more lines
by Cavenaugh
13 days ago 
Fuck em all ( Feat BXile )
B32 props 
(hook) (0:00) (1x)
Fuck 45's 22's & 9's
fuck quarters, 8th's, nickles & Dimes
fuck baggy's & feens calling at odd times
... and 73 more lines
by StormTheArsonist
20 days ago 
MMM Era (Intro)
A32 props 
Kaze-E Verse:
Nobody matches my speed cuz I'm like super sonic destroying
This beat, this is just too sweet when MMM sees their enemies
At their defeat, we are bringing the heat and making you motherfuckers jump
... and 118 more lines
by Kaze-E
27 days ago 
A31 props Recorded
Lord have mercy on me!(on me)
Couple people praying/preying on me(on me)
Late at night I can’t sleep
Lord have mercy on me!(on me)x5
... and 27 more lines
23 days ago 
redRaps - Heartless (Ft. Jennah Amin)
B-31 props Recorded
[Verse 1 - 0:17]
Being honest Red, I've been feeling like an object
Feeling like this led, to me getting, really upset
I know that you're stressed, but love is commitment
... and 75 more lines
by redRaps
10 days ago 
B29 props 
///Intro starts in @ 0:08///
looking for the Escape
Maybe will the Tape Rewind all box but i lost the mind of a Box
Every time my eyes close i see a dark image in my mind made solid not rocks
... and 150 more lines
by Novus
15 days ago 
Two Kingz (Feat. Bxile)
B29 props 
[Bxile Verse:]
Kaze-E fuck going easy
Kaze sent the kamikazes BX killin all the nazis,
WISH a nigga would like Genie,
... and 37 more lines
by Kaze-E
16 days ago 
The Letter To God Pt.2
B27 props 
Theres something I wanna talk about, about things that are in
My mind so evil, that make your kids scream and cry, like
Nightmares that leave tears, this is a society full of fucking
Misary, devils don't come from the ground they come from
... and 28 more lines
by Kaze-E
about 17 hours ago 
Bringing The Heat (Godly, Carnage & Chapo Diss)
A-27 props 
All I have these fake rapping bitches trying to taste my bullets
Coming, you wanna be something you fucking bitch goldy
Try to rumble with a nigga like me, I got free clips blasting
And motherfucking blind nigga trust me i'm coming straight
... and 31 more lines
by Kaze-E
12 days ago 
27 props Recorded
Fuck with the flow,
Toss a prop to the kid
by LatherOnTheBeat
13 days ago 
Waveforms (Prod. by Falside)
B27 props Recorded
In a self satisfied granite castle
You’ll find a high narcotized, selfish asshole
At the rap show, getting lit like candles
With no handle, a rascal, a vandal
... and 28 more lines
by Pagliacci
16 days ago 
B+27 props 
First album done and many more to go,
I'm very proud of my my achievements so far,
Also before I get into this, I've been contemplating recording,
... and 45 more lines
by Chase-The-Kid
17 days ago 
Another Chapter Freestyle
B27 props Recorded
Look me in my eyes you see nothing but greatness
Another Chapter in my life but you won't skip these pages
Every Word every line got doused with the passion
Many niggas say they got it but their verbs lack action
... and 18 more lines
by Aiiims
18 days ago 
Creativity ft. Kaze-E
B-26 props 
Smoking weed in my backyard while rolling up already
The next blunt, the kids on Rappad call me the ancient one
With the stacks and mad bitches, Kaze so vicious and
... and 38 more lines
5 days ago 

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