The return
B11 props
I have returned
returned to conserve this world
the world we know as rappad,
That's why they can't mess up my flow
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by Lil_Chip
about 15 hours ago 
B6 props 
Yeah (King-Of-Kings)
(Aye) Say Goodbye you your Family God can't save you
I'll beat you so bad in this world that your into your gonna get screwed
So do yourself a favor and get yourself a Damn tissue
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by The-Empire
about 21 hours ago 
B-4 props
You say everyone talking about your life,
You ain't the only one trying to survive from the knife,
Wish momma understood without yelling and fighting cause of a strife,
People always pulling me to the side asking if i'm planning to cut my life,
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by LilDrowzy
about 22 hours ago 
King Shit
B4 props
King Shit
GF$ Jake
Im riding with that iron
Im sipping on that fire
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1 day ago 
3 props
Man, I gave you a chance
Step down now I'm way too advanced
At first glance you'll be in a trance
Let's throw hands until you understand
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about 22 hours ago 
2 props
Actions louder than words
Louder than loud sell off discreet no need to be proud
Flood the town like Louisiana keep a hammer
Keep out the slammer dont get in a jam bruh
... and 21 more lines
by DubYa
about 23 hours ago 
To those who can't message me
A2 props
Im sorry im not able to post on your wall and you can't mesage me back I
try to post on your wall and messga eyou but apparently you can't message
me back unless you follow me.Im not able to follow you back because it says
i need to confirm my email but its not allowing me to do so.
by Jordan24
about 23 hours ago 
This just in
2 props
This just in, so let me bust in
Not a competition, don't call it a must win
This friendship was caused by a spontaneous combustion. We met and we were instantly thrust in to a friendly introduction. Follow alon...
See, went from we don't know each other, to what's up man, to now you're my only brother! One decade has passed, now let's embrace anoth...
... and 1 more line
by FunnyHow
about 21 hours ago 
Down the Drain
A+2 props
Smiling doesn’t get the pain away
Tryna be positive but it’s stays throughout my days
So at this point, I don’t even know what to say
I lay her in my bed, wandering if it ain’t too late, ain’t too late
... and 24 more lines
by Harddoc
about 15 hours ago 
B+1 prop
I decimated this beat while I levitated
My name is sacred. I do this cuz I'm dedicated
I'm elevated. Don't know know why I'm hated.
Im self motivated. I'm frustrated. Two star rated.
... and 8 more lines
about 24 hours ago 
To those who message me but don't follow.
C1 prop
I can't message you back if your not following me..
I'm not ignoring you i just can't, it won't allow me.
So to those who message me and want a response, follow me K?
by LilDrowzy
about 23 hours ago 
Untitled Song
1 prop 
yeah yeah i'm lil tunchi dont act like you don't know me yeah 'm big and bad and
and kinda scary you can tell by my smile my smile is wild and im bout to co ba youand
your child i told you that im wild lil tunchi don't got time for these cows i come
running down the street come shooting at your knee cabs you can hop in a taxi im right behind you i come up and bite
by LiLTunchi54321
about 22 hours ago 
you ain't my opp just not my friend
B+1 prop 
yo here we go hit that bro
you ain't my opp just not my friend here's the end you can cry i was laughin back
then here's the end i'm not saying but ur dead we was friends till you had to come by and say it u traded
you broke me in piecesies didn't look back had to hit you in the neck someone jus
... and 5 more lines
by LiLTunchi54321
about 21 hours ago 
B1 prop
U ain't eva seen a psycho
Do-Don't mess with his wife yo
Am a little ghetto type bro
But it doesn't mean that am hoe- no
... and 9 more lines
by Rap_Delia
about 21 hours ago 
Liberal Panic
B-1 prop
Fuck what you witnessed, there ain't nothing you talk about
that you know from experience, except when you heap this!
Mark my words, my group is gonna be the greatest.
... and 46 more lines
by CasperWhiteBoi
about 20 hours ago 
Just stop u may opp
1 prop 
just stop u my opp can't mop it's okay hey mom hey mom wanna tryna
getta wither i'm a 5 6 hitter 5 6 im a winer you loser kindabored hitter slow writen
whya tired ya! fired to bad ya! got burnt from saturn just stop can't mop
admited can't mop can't mop u may opp stop playing ahh ya! im like wat's up pa
... and 2 more lines
by LiLTunchi54321
about 19 hours ago 
B1 prop
Sometimes I mentally
Rip on myself. Apparently
That bad. So basically
I'm mad. I'm bullying
... and 20 more lines
about 18 hours ago 
B-1 prop
Yo I go too far when I come in on the beat
Man this go too hard when I try to do my thing
I go fast, Nascar. Even when I try to sing
Cuz I burn up tar. And you know that I'm the king.
... and 17 more lines
about 18 hours ago 
123 (freestyle)
A-1 prop
Yeah, one, two, three, Just let my lil homie Z free, four, five, six, When I get
in some beef don't you come into the mix, seven, eight, don't get hit wit this
nine, cause It'll hit yo spine, ten, eleven, I don't fuck wit twelve, I just stay to
myself, Catchin' Bodies like I be catchin Bells, Fucking wit me I'ma hit you
... and 4 more lines
by AyeTae
about 17 hours ago 
“Seeing Green”(remix)
B-1 prop
I be seeing green with the wild weed
Indeed I be hella fried eyes be low
I got that cannabis flow you is a hoe
Going toe to toe making hella dough
... and 14 more lines
about 17 hours ago 
B-1 prop
The wreck less in this youth has their necks through this noose.
All this bliss and abuse, and the main cause is you.
As you leave us for the money,
... and 40 more lines
by CasperWhiteBoi
about 16 hours ago 
What am i
1 prop 
Baby girl what am i
Friends told me im nothing but a lil guy
Put my head hi up to the sky
Day dreaming that i can fly
... and 18 more lines
by Jordan24
about 16 hours ago 
1 prop
Her Hair, her eyes
so beautiful and pure
Pretty face, slim waist
all the men are amazed, all want a taste
... and 18 more lines
by TavieXOXHarper
about 15 hours ago 
B1 prop 
Like an orange syringe filled more of this hell on earth than a Marxist bitch
We all got dicked and now i'm pro rap, anti Eminem and still wack in the eyes
of most hoe bags, You can never top Biggie, Pop tupac or replace Nas, you were
just a little speck before Dre made you hot, and you you're telling me to go
... and 34 more lines
by Hell_has_arrived
about 14 hours ago 
B+1 prop
Some think that I'm missin' a screw
That might be true but I've learned to improve
My way of thinking has been renewed
Better take cover cause I'm on the loose
... and 13 more lines
about 24 hours ago 
Untitled Song
0 props
ohh that hoe fucked the horse full force
she from the north im watching star wars
while she doing my chores bitch about ditch
she not rich so i left her never better now im
... and 14 more lines
by user389388150
about 23 hours ago 
Codeine - Ka$hrari
B0 props 
// Rap to the Rythem of "Lowkey" - Sleepy Hallow//
// (Chill tone speaking) Nah, loyalty and love is different //
// Loyalty is some shit, like, you gotta see //
// Love, people throw that shit around a lot //
... and 56 more lines
by Kashrari
about 22 hours ago 
0 props
Look at this paper what do you see?
Robbery, Violence,Insanity
I'd really like to change this world, it would be my responsibility
All this crime happenin'
... and 4 more lines
by user251387647
about 23 hours ago 
Mom and Dad Thank You For Everything
0 props
All the caring, All the love, All the sacrifice and concern
You always knew that i can learn
I always knew that you'll always be there for me,
in the good and bad times
... and 78 more lines
by user251387647
about 22 hours ago 
Battle verse
B0 props
Sweet like chocolate, I'm hundred grand rapper
I can just break and eat you up like Graham crackers
So all I need is the marsh mellow, or a harp, cellos
Drums and sharp elbows, and I can snap at ya
... and 22 more lines
about 21 hours ago 
Bow Down
B-0 props
This is my kingdom, better give me my crown.
I've been walking in the shadows, time to light it up now.
This is my kingdom, this is my kingdom.
... and 47 more lines
by CasperWhiteBoi
about 21 hours ago 
Untitled Song
A+0 props
Inn keeper creature i cant escape impeach me, you cant breech me
guarantee foresee suicide cos terrified voice collapsing too gasping grasping straws
drawing straws withdraws probably drawing blood just too go in reverse
worse curse who suppose to act tough enough rough stuff huff your flesh thresh
... and 12 more lines
by carl1993
about 24 hours ago 

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