The Letter To God Pt.2
B27 props 
Theres something I wanna talk about, about things that are in
My mind so evil, that make your kids scream and cry, like
Nightmares that leave tears, this is a society full of fucking
Misary, devils don't come from the ground they come from
... and 28 more lines
by Kaze-E
about 18 hours ago 
ADDICT ft. The-Venom
B19 props 
This shit is about to be fire man,
First time collaborating with someone from M.M.M disregarding RIOT,
So let's go,
... and 47 more lines
by Chase-The-Kid
about 18 hours ago 
knife in the back ft. ThatNikoli
B+6 props Recorded
Knife in the back better follow up dead
Hype in the track give a fuck what you said
Like it or not imma fuck with your head
... and 62 more lines
by SwimmingSlug
about 16 hours ago 
letter to my sister.
B6 props
Methadone slave to save the sickness,
its sad to just sit there and witness,
watching your Sister life's wasting,
Taking beans to chase that bitter taste,
... and 14 more lines
by lilSmurffle
about 18 hours ago 
problems (prod. tkay)
5 props Recorded
Verse 1:
I got a plan man, watch just what i do
Oh look it's sandman hopping in the booth
Gon' need a gask mask out here when i'm through
... and 57 more lines
by KevinJunior
about 14 hours ago 
Everybody Dies (REMIX)
B+5 props 
Blowin' up forge as card so sick and cold it's so basic
Formin' locks with the longest shut stiff in morgue the whole haled
I remember the old lead who divorced me
Back with the old jack it's bonded in me
... and 33 more lines
by omarmathers14
about 22 hours ago 
Week 122- Real freestyle to Killshot
4 props Recorded
Off the top freestyle to Killshot by eminem
by Geddis
about 21 hours ago 
Aye Gee - Everything U Want (feat. Sam.i.am215)
4 props Recorded
by Prophet_Records
about 19 hours ago 
Dirt nap (prod yorha)
B4 props 
Take a dirt nap call this shit kidnap
Don't fuck with that riff raff put em in the back of an all black Cadillac
Step back or get attacked with anthrax ether and Xanax
... and 18 more lines
by Lvcid_is_dead
about 18 hours ago 
3 props Recorded
V2 Mukrat
Obsidian bur don't germinate so excuse him for
he had been less troubadour than actual in prudence (it's worse)
I'm profusely of his student, not a fern imbued me blueprints
... and 9 more lines
by Mukrat
about 16 hours ago 
Bay Bagels Beat
3 props 
New beat up lemme know what y'all think
If interested in buying, collabing, etc. hmu
email: [email protected]
by heyjose21
about 15 hours ago 
Purple Buddy The Change
B3 props Recorded
Taking all these doubts and the feeling of defeat
Gotta stand and fight not the kneeling or retreat
I'm standing on my feet hitting the lonely streets
... and 26 more lines
by Web_Alternate
about 14 hours ago 
Notice to NOVUS
B-3 props
Hey NOVUS, I need you to understand this, MavenX stands with you through all this
middle school bull shit,
I know how it is when cupid's dart has hit your heart,
When you feel that spark your world gets rocked,
... and 13 more lines
by MavenX
about 22 hours ago 
Missing Me (Who Am I)
B-3 props 
I cried everyday hoping to see your face
Though you far away I can't help but break down inside
You were the best in my life
If I should die I hope you open up your eyes
... and 32 more lines
by vickylan89
about 19 hours ago 
Untitled Song
B-2 props
You thinkin' you better than me, is a joke
all you, been doing, is choke
All your raps, are a joke
bitch, this is how you became broke
... and 5 more lines
by MLS
about 17 hours ago 
[Not A Rap Song]
D+2 props
by RapRap1306
about 19 hours ago 
Wavin **in progress*
B1 prop
Tie yo rope boy cause i rap now
Dope bars leave you strung out
Yo rap worn off like a condom
See yo hoe, fuck her in a condo
... and 12 more lines
by Waver404
about 16 hours ago 
Bad Street Rap 07
B1 prop
It's Time You Leave, You Can't Achieve
Any Goals Because You Don't Believe
Haters Hold Your Mind Captive
They Manipulate You, One Yank You Unweave
... and 60 more lines
by RapRap1306
about 21 hours ago 
Raided (Diss to every Legend here)
B-1 prop 
This beat here, will never leave your brain
Don't even think in stealing for your gain
I will break your legs,
watch your blood leading the path
... and 74 more lines
by 2-Lack
about 13 hours ago 
Tha Darkside(Prod.Denek Beats)
1 prop Recorded
Verse 1:
the final days have arrived with bible plagues on the rise
with flames that rain from the sky just say my name and you'll fry
apocalypse thru mixtures called forth obelisk with scriptures
... and 59 more lines
by EbonicRaven
about 12 hours ago 
B+1 prop
Flick on me, tape,
Spitting bars, vape,
They just disgrace,
//In Depth Meaning Of Song
... and 28 more lines
by Rayzy
about 23 hours ago 
Darkness Collab w/MLS
1 prop
darkness in my heart, acid running through my veins,
only my blackened soul remains,
no matter what my therapists, psychiatrist, anyone explains,
why my happiness and laughs all burnt inflames.
... and 24 more lines
by RapRap1306
about 19 hours ago 
Y'all Just A Bunch Of Kiddies
B1 prop
y'all just a bunch of kiddies.
makin' lego brick cities.
watchin' sesame street and mickey.
y'all just a bunch of children.
... and 11 more lines
by RapRap1306
about 20 hours ago 
A-1 prop
Imagine breaking your spine, or facing toxic brine, but you couldnt whine, you just had to deal with the design.
Death isnt funny, not no sunny industry, disagree, and we'll need to go physically
depression, it really does give you tension, but really, more people need to pay attention, if you want to give affection, then how about...
Dont try and reach perfection before gathering perception, or you'll just end up like dead skin.
... and 15 more lines
by Dappah
about 19 hours ago 
warriors will rise
0 props
Theme of song=survival of the fittest
They can try to take me break me
they can never make me
no jock
... and 23 more lines
by realbeatsavage
about 17 hours ago 
0 props
Let me set you straight
don’t believe in fate,
don’t wait for your chance cause it’ll be to late,
my future is what i create.
... and 36 more lines
by realbeatsavage
about 16 hours ago 
Mother fucker
0 props
You know how many hot bitches I own?
Don't let me get in my zone [4x]
The stars is in the building
They hands is to the ceiling
... and 35 more lines
by icescumbag
about 16 hours ago 
Tupacquiao on Tim Westwood
0 props Recorded
Yes yes!
by 2pacquiao-charming
about 16 hours ago 
Tupacquiao - avoid this NONSE girls (Kaze-E HARD diss)
A+0 props 
First I’ll start with I’ll fuck you’re little girl in the kilt, WESTSIDE, I’ll walk around with a gun, like a nonse on the run, Waiting f...
by 2pacquiao-charming
about 16 hours ago 
when no one listens
0 props
this person came up to me saying they don't really know where they're going with there life and he said there's nothing for me in life a...
i don't even know the person in the mirror
... and 25 more lines
by realbeatsavage
about 16 hours ago 
a macey diss
B0 props
macet you just dont understand you just cant get this tru your thick head you just
dont know what to say but i herd you love to do cocaine you lookn mad you fell sad
please dont get mad cause i dont whant to diss your ass you just wack stay back
i love this diss track you just wack you just cant stand to see the true facts
... and 2 more lines
by slimshady2akaeminem123
about 16 hours ago 
Rain on parade
0 props 
This is how feel today.
Hope you read this even if it not rap in anyway.
Who are you to believe in what I just said?
Please let me start and not diss me as always you play.
... and 51 more lines
by 2-Lack
about 15 hours ago 

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