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  1. Intro: Nah you aint getting to me
  3. You are living proof a human can live without a brain.
  4. There ain't one second where u didn't complain.
  5. no matter what we do you can't cope.
  6. Your head shaped like a bar of soap.
  7. Your ambitions are larger than your skill level.
  8. Of all personalities, you have one matching the devil.
  9. You think of yourself has the best on this earth.
  10. But no matter how hard we try we can't find your worth.
  11. It's impossible to not mistake your body for a stick.
  12. Apart from the fact that it's the size of a tick.
  13. You shall fall into a pit of darkness
  14. I know this diss will invade your conscious
  16. We were fighting but I got you in a headlock at your own home
  17. I've tried searching but I can't find anything in your empty dome
  18. I'm cruising around JC in my honda sonata
  19. While you at home getting drunk from vodka
  20. You can't even open Pearson without crying
  21. Every time you talk I feel like dying
  22. What a NERD spendin all his time watching Dream
  23. On the other side I'm spendin my time buying supreme
  24. Such a loser living his life in a tiny dirt shack
  25. Every time you speak we hear a stupid maniac
  26. I can't help but try to damn die when you talk
  27. Take you to starbucks you order a stick o' chalk
  28. So poor you're drinking from a garden hose
  29. 2+2 is four, that's all he knows




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