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Who Is Soundparq?

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Who is SoundParq?

Name: Freddy Tejeda

Age: 29

Location: San Diego, CA

How did you get started making music, and how long have you been doing it?

I’ve been doing music for around 15 years. My friend had given me a copy of a ‘beat-making’ program called Reason. I installed it, played around with it, learned and fell in love. I used to record beats to my mp3 player and bring it to school, which at the time was rare. No one really had mp3 players and some didn't even know what an mp3 was. That’s was the only way you could share what you did(there was no Soundcloud of course) and guess I loved doing that and and seeing the reaction people had.

What equipment/software do you use to make beats?

I now use Ableton for all my productions. I’ve always loved the simplicity of Reason but Ableton for me feels like it gives me much more control on what I want to do. I absolutely love the Ableton Push, and use it for every beat. Those are two that I couldn’t live without but I also have a Maschine Mikro and Komplete Kontrol Keyboard, which are also great. I usually love anything that Native Instrument does. I’m big on plugins too!

What are some of your musical influences, or people you look up to in the industry?

Hip-hop, I listen to E-40, Dom Kennedy, Kendrick, Drake and every producers influence Dr. Dre. I love electronic as well: Diplo, Flume, Don Diablo, Knife party, Skrillex

What would you say is distinctive about a SoundParq production?

I like to focus on quality and the science behind the production. I make sure all my levels and frequencies are playing nice together. I also like to experiment. I’m fascinated with EQs, compressors, and other special effects. For example, I’ll play with a single sound by routing it through 10 different effects to make it unique. Ultimately, I think about who and where this beat will be listened to or what type of song it could be.

What do you like to do for fun outside of music?

When I’m not doing music, I’m usually doing some kind of design. I work on websites, apps and building user interfaces.

What's next for SoundParq - what will you be up to in the coming months?

For now, growing the catalog of beats and really making it a great place to hear/share/buy beats. I started Soundparq to create a place for dope sound and hope to grow it with multiple producers. Check out the beats at

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