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Tips for Producers on Youtube

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So I've been seeing a lot of producers charging and starting on Youtube, which is fine. But a lot are lost on where or how to start, or just aren't doing well. I was in a similar spot when I started, and now that I'm a lot better I will share some techniques with you. These tips will help you:

  • Sell your beats
  • Grow connections and relationships with artists, other producers, and your fanbase
  • Earn more views and subscribers for your channel

1. Tagging Your Videos

Tagging your videos is what racks up your views, whether you have a fanbase or not. You want to tag your videos with a lot of relevant keywords (same with your title, but only using certain keywords). You should, most importantly add terms that people would type the Youtube search bar. For example, if you're making a Playboi Carti


Once you do this, you will earn more views on your videos, which eventually adds up to your like, comment, and subscriber count if your beat lives up to its title (Lil Yatchy Type Beat for example). When you do this properly, your videos will also pop up on the front of the search pages, which can garner you even more views.

Tagging 2

Tagging 3

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