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Advanced Rhyming Techniques

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When you write lyrics online using RapPad it's easy to get caught up in single syllable rhymes. If you want to bring your lyrics to the next level you'll have to incorporate multi-syllable lines (sometimes called multis).

Our very own Botanist recently wrote a rap called "Evolution of Bars." In this rap he writes lyrics that progressively get better by incorporating more and more rhyming syllables in each line.

Stepping Stones: Single syllables

  • RapPad helped me get better with rap
  • When I first started rapping this is how I really spat
  • My flow was whack
  • And I thought I was black
  • And had a mac

In the lyrics above we see only the last words rhyming. These are the easiest lines to come up with. Let's see if we can step it up a notch.

Multi-end rhymes

  • Then I got better and used measured rhymes
  • I thought I was pro with my clever lines
  • I finally wrote decent bars and treasured mines

In this example we've leveled up our lyrical game by rhyming the last 2 words instead of just the last word.

Internals and multi-end rhymes

  • But then I got even more complex with the lyrical syllables
  • Seeing more success with my concepts it was a mystical miracle
  • I didn't even bust yet but screamed 'fuck yes' it was typical my rhymes were sicker but minimal

Internal rhymes are when the lines contain rhyming syllables outside of the last few words. Notice how "complex", "concepts", "bust yet", "fuck yes" all rhyme in similar syllable section of different lines. It's important to note that the lyrics still make sense. Never sacrifice rhymes for something that doesn't really make sense.

More internals, indirects, and multis

  • Finally I'm at the point where I can spit quick...
  • Using multiple syllables a minute it looks like I'm spitting to the limit
  • Sicker than the sickest / I inhibit my rigid lyrics
  • Hitting the big spliffs while I'm spitting vicious
  • Complicit with an illicit business of the biggest bigots
  • That ever witnessed the timid misfits who appeared on the listed hitlist
  • The minute your spirit pivots and hits the limit
  • I'll send a gang of villainous midgets with the assistance of diligent bishops
  • If you have another insolent bitch fit
  • They will diss your dissonance and rip your ligaments 'n' dick quick
  • Who knew I could rip these lyrics
  • This is like a striptease snippet in fifteen minutes

Randy is using a combination of multi rhymes and internals that far surpass the original example we started with. Another thing to note here is that not only are more syllables rhyming, but the words themselves are more complex. Not only should you be trying to make many rhymes that trickle down to other lines, but also unique words composed of 2 or more syllables.

There you have it. In these four steps you've seen the process of someone going from rap newbie to seasoned expert. You may want to check out the original rap or get started on writing your own song.

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