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13 UK Artists You Need To Know About

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For all you American's that have not experienced any real rap outside of America, I have created this blog post which will hopefully increase the knowledge you have on international rap.

Try to name at least 10 different UK rappers right now. I'm talking active emcee's, people who currently make music. No luck? Continue reading to experience some of the smoothest music you have ever heard.

Here is a list of artists and a few of their most notable songs.



  1. Shutdown
  2. That's Not Me
  3. Bad Boy



  1. Man Dont Care
  2. Integrity
  3. 96 Bars Of Revenge



  1. People's Army
  2. Question Everything
  3. For My Peopl


  1. Terrorist
  2. Relatives (Ft. Logic)
  3. Dear England

Mic Righteous

  1. Gone
  2. Ghost Town
  3. Ronnie Pickering

Lethal Bizzle

  1. Pow
  2. Fester Skank


  1. Shut Up
  2. Know Me From
  3. Not That Dee

Lunar C

  1. Reality Check
  2. Smash Things Up
  3. Cat Mafia


  1. Find No Enemy
  2. Bang With Us?
  3. This Is London

Split Prophets

  1. Aint Amused
  2. Stuck In The Strategy
  3. 2 Kid

Dead Players

  1. Yeah

Four Owls

  1. Lfe In The Balance

Bugzy Malone

  1. Relegeation Riddim
  2. Revival

Krept And Konan

  1. Fire In The Booth Part
  2. Fire In The Booth Part

Welcome to Grime and welcome to UK Hip-Hop.

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