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Tewsly won this battle!


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Battle on June 2 2024


  • It’s time to take out some X Factor trash
  • It's clear, y’all ain’t past average class
  • Shattering glass ceilings, no more settling for last
  • After it, after me, y’all follow my path
  • You guys are average, I’m leading the pack
  • Chattering class, you talk, but I’m ahead fast
  • Y’all should gather your gains, no more average tax
  • Never savages, y’all were always average, you’re in my blast
  • Years of being average, now you’re left in the past
  • Y’all are average like I said, you never surpassed
  • You have no impact, there’s no shadow you cast
  • Y’all will stay average, you guys aren’t vast


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  • Take a shower, feel the power, I'm tewsly in this game
  • X Factor representin', average ain't my claim to fame
  • You want us gone, but sorry, we gonna rise and reign
  • Suck a dick if you think we gonna bend to your lame aim
  • I'm the one with the sauce, you just a basic clone
  • Spit hot fire like a dragon, your bars made of styrofoam
  • X Factor energy, unstoppable, in the zone
  • You can hate all you want, but my presence etched in stone
  • Hey golden shower, suck a dick, your music's weak as hell
  • I'm 'bout to blow up like detonating a bombshell
  • Cry for help like Jason, while I'm ringing the victory bell
  • You can try to bring me down, but I always excel
  • I'm flexin' on the haters, ain't no time for doubt or fear
  • X Factor crew relentless, making moves crystal clear
  • Slayin' like a savage while you stuck in first gear
  • We'll keep risin' to the top, makin' history this year, so I’ll end this with a fuck you but have a nice day

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