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Battle on June 12 2024


  • How does “The True Meaning Of Godlik3” have a higher density than Rhyme Monster??? I literally rhymed every single word


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  • //0:13//
  • You wastin' my life, wastin' my time, his face is a crime, wastin' his life wit' all these fights.
  • Actually, he got no life, he makin' all these fake cries, he's full of lies, now apologize.
  • Get the fuck off this site, very low height, that fact was right, never shined any light.
  • You wish you was Matt Rife, but he got a life, you still on Vine, only whines, yo face got fined.
  • Wastin' a battle, nothin' he can handle, his shit dull, yo existence is null, he really the devil.
  • Got embezzled, gon' join a polygamous cult, he struggled and still struggles, but he just sulk.
  • Yo life crippled, he got the triple chin, never gettin' any attention, slam his ass in detention.
  • Entire life was a sin, he not thin, it's no question, Imma win, 'cause he got no kin.
  • He got kids in his basement, only backed by Jason, he actually Satan, you betta run, son.
  • He is dumb, he just wanna cum, I never wanted some, he a bum wit' no wisdom, you a piece of scum.
  • Addicted to PornHub, got no subs, lives behind the strip club, got no buds, betta shut his butt.
  • Brain smaller than a peanut, he a idiot doin' shitty shittier than bullshit, really needs to quit.
  • You fatter than Nikocado Avocado, he not a pro wit' no flow that gon' flow.
  • Throw him out da window, he now a foe, IQ is zero, he no hero, that shows, you a bozo.
  • Now I'm sayin' L bozo, whoa, he goin' loco and postal, now put him in the trash disposal.
  • Break his skull 'cause he antisocial, his dull shit that not chose betta not be global.

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