Battles  GoldenShower vs Godlik3


Godlik3 ur a massive pussy

Max of 32 lines


Godlik3 won this battle!


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Battle on June 13 2024


  • Godlik3, you are the ultimate loser
  • You suck alot, you’re just a stinky pooper
  • I fucked your sister, and made her moan
  • Fuck you, I’ll beat you up at home
  • You ain’t “godlike” you’re peasant-like
  • I’ll beat you up and steal your bike
  • You’re a bitch, nothing more
  • Looking at you makes my eyes sore
  • Why? Because you’re dumb, and ugly
  • You suck, but your face is funny
  • You’re a total pussy who’s bad at rapping
  • Can’t get girls so you resort to fapping
  • Godlik3, I think you should leave this site
  • Or else I’ll snatch your ear off and take a bite
  • The word “dumb” describes you well
  • You’re a total bitch and you suck like hell
  • You can’t put up with this shit, I’ll make you cry
  • I’ll make you die, I’ll make you say goodbye
  • How is it possible for anyone to be so dumb
  • You have a tiny dick, you aren’t hung
  • I’ll beat you up cause you’re just a moron
  • You act so dumb but now you’ll get scored on
  • Godlik3, you’re an idiot who’s fat
  • So now I’m boutta hit you with my bat


  • Another sadistic prick backed by Jason_The_Misogynistic tryin' to get sold on Craigslist.
  • Stupid bitch, I ain't pissed, you just missed, none of yo pussy bullshit was ever sick
  • This prick started HIV, you got ticks, infinite shitty lyrics, fat pig.
  • Yo face has no logic, I ain't stoppin', got the quadruple chin, you the pussy I'm toppin'.
  • Massive loser couldn't win a battle, he got a brain tumor, he a goddamn boomer.
  • He not super, his shit written by a computer, you the subject and I'm the ruler.
  • Sucked off yo imaginary guardian wit' a Hoover, got no humor, never callin' ya sir.
  • Got no mother, I'm da betta rapper, entire-ass life was a disaster, even a charger is faster.
  • Godlik3 is a comparison to how stupid you are, you clearly meant you raped yo fake sister.
  • He still bitter, banned from Twitter, Mario after yo liver, yappin' sinner.
  • That shit came out of yo ass so I'm the winner, never had a father figure, he a window licker.
  • My bars are sicker, he is sinister, he's forcin' African kids to become cotton pickers.
  • Shut yo ass up, Imma shove yo ass into a cup, can't even win by luck.
  • Yo bullshit sucks, you a fuck-up, can't even find a buck, stupid-ass thug.
  • Now you talkin' my dick, you fuck? You can't get to day 2 of No Nut November, that shit sucks.
  • Never got a hug, he just a bug, now leave this site forever, you parentless retarded fuck-up.

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