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Battle on May 22 2024


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  • Hacking neuralink inducing thought loops like shroom trips,
  • Metaverse illusion proving who controls our movements,
  • I wear a jade helm slay your mashiach with the smoothest movements,
  • Troops are moving spraying mtars at innocent humans,,
  • There's no winning or losing to these criminal rulers,
  • Talmudic judas moving as an altruist,
  • While these active denial systems always keep the crowd moving,
  • Salute to the ones that know and awake,
  • Deep underground military base,
  • Let the clones gestate,
  • Existing outside of time and space,
  • Technology is leaving our minds erased,,


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  • (Intro 0:00)
  • (Verse 1 0:30)
  • I'm caught in da trap, heart feelin' black,
  • Lost in da dark, can't find my way back.
  • fuck break up, she played me like a bitch,
  • Now all I do is stack my chips and get my shit.
  • Life's a battlefield, depression on my back,
  • Tryna break free, ain't no looking back.
  • Feel like I'm drowning in my own thoughts,
  • But I gotta fight back, can't be caught.
  • Demons in my mind, tryna mess with me,
  • But I stay strong, ain't no defeat to see.
  • Struggle in my veins, pain in my soul,
  • But I rise up, taking full control.
  • Sending vibes to the universe above,
  • Swear one day I'll be soaring like a dove.
  • fuck life's hardships, I'll rise above it all,
  • Keep hustling hard, till I stand tall in da brawl.
  • From da struggle, ain't no fakin', this shit was heartbreakin',
  • Nasty breakup left me shakin', but I gotta keep takin',
  • Hustle hard, no time for pacin', grindin' in every location,
  • Motivation, my only salvation, gotta rise in every situation.
  • Head held high, ain't no complacin', bounce back with determination,
  • Haters talkin', I keep acceleratin', no time for hesitatin',
  • On the road to success, never stagnatin', reachin' new elevation,
  • Through the pain and devastation, I'm the definition of dedication.
  • I always make my motivation, come back stronger then ever,
  • So this is a goodbye, hello new world, fucked up all endeavors.
  • Shattered heart turned me savage, no longer your puppet on a string,
  • Damn right love ain't a game, but I'll rise like a king.
  • You broke me down, but I sprung back from the depths of the fire,
  • Like a phoenix reborn, hustling harder, never getting tired.
  • Fuck all the haters talking smack, they just jealous of my glow,
  • Now shining bright like a diamond, watch me steal the show.
  • Used to cry my ass off, now I laugh in the face of pain,
  • Transformed the hurt into power, no more playing your game.
  • I'm done playing nice, tapped into my savage side,
  • Bouncing back like a warrior, got nothing left to hide.
  • Watch me soar to the top, like a rocket blasting off,
  • No looking back, just forward, can't hold this beast back, no scoff.
  • I'm a force to be reckoned with, unstoppable dynamo,
  • Nasty breakup to motivation, watch me steal the show.

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