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Nigga get the fuck off the website, you’re a disgrace to this website. So if you won’t get off, fine I’ll make you get off.

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  • (Intro)
  • Ay, ay, ay, yuh, ay, ay
  • Yuh, Tewsly reportin’ live (Get a dos of this)
  • (Verse 1)
  • Nigga, we all know that’s cap, you never have a girlfriend with that fat face
  • Now I’m about to unleash, unleash the lyrical disgrace
  • Stepping on stage with my rhymes so fucking tight
  • Spitting venomous bars, watch me ignite
  • You thought you were hot shit, but you're just a lame
  • I'm the alpha in this game, you'll never reach my fame
  • Your career's ending tonight, leaving you in despair
  • You're just a one-hit wonder, I'm the one they really care
  • I'm the rap battle king, you're just a hopeless pawn
  • I'll bury you alive in this lyrical lawn
  • My words cut deep, like a knife in your back
  • You can't handle this heat, your future's turning black
  • I'm on fire, burning down everything in my sight
  • You're just a lost cause, fading into the night
  • So go back to the basics, learn how to rap
  • 'Cause in this rap game, I'll always be on top of the map
  • You always walk around with jelly rolls, where’s my mans honeybun at?
  • Tryna come for me, but you just a fuck ass rat.
  • You talkin' reckless, better watch your back
  • I'll shit your career, leave you in the past.
  • You think you hot shit, but you just plastic wrap
  • I'll fuck up your ego, put it in a trap.
  • You ain't ready for this lyrical combat
  • I'll leave you shook like a bitch earthquake.
  • You can't touch my flow, it's too fuckin rare
  • I spit fire, leave you gaspin' for air.
  • You're a weak ass rap cactus, I'm a lion in the lair
  • You're on the sidelines, I'm the main affair.
  • I'll drop bombs on you like a dick bombardment
  • End your career, no need for an apartment.
  • You're just a fuckin wannabe, I'm the real enchantment
  • I'll leave you in ruins, a fuck rap abandonment.
  • I'm the alpha, you're just a beta ass punk
  • I'll smoke you like a blunt, leave you in a funk.
  • You can't touch my hustle, “ I’m too drunk” (we get it, you get ZERO BITCHES)
  • I'll end your whole rap career with just one clunk.


  • Not many wanna listen to your music and it's evident
  • If they did you wouldn't be on this site so you are irrelevant
  • I'm not gonna leave this site what's you gonna do threaten me?
  • Well guess what I ain't scared of you some fag on a site please
  • In real life you a soft ass bitch that I would throw around
  • I'm the boss running this shit like diarrhea run it now
  • If I wanted to I could have your mother suck my fat ass dick
  • Then after she's done with that I'd tell her to fix me a sandwich
  • I don't know what made you wanna battle I guess you find me inspiring
  • The woman you got don't want you because it's me she's desiring
  • You sound pretty ignorant like an uneducated delinquent fucker
  • Because I said I'm on here to have fun not be a rapper like others
  • So you can't destroy my rap career if I never had one
  • You on the other hand is a joke, a rap career you had none
  • Don't take this shit serious but you still will because your emotional
  • More than my girlfriend Jennifer on a bad day on the go
  • I can show you virgins my girlfriend but I bet y'all can't
  • Because y'all don't have a girlfriend so admit that I'm the man
  • I'm the best on this site because you all wanna battle me and shit
  • Thanks for giving me what I wanted and I must say that us it
  • I'm the best and your not you lost you dumb nigger
  • If we did both have a rap career we both know that mines would be bigger

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