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match that evil shit my bro

Max of 64 lines


YungDrJekyll won this battle!


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Battle on May 14 2024


  • //"town commons fuckboy" (Dr Jekyll persona)//
  • //first verse//
  • big bumping holy dust
  • Mary thumping, thug blowing chunks
  • Pop a flair, in the air
  • who dat there
  • Jekyll east bank rollin south
  • selling georgia like a fucking slave
  • .45 gave ya brain a shave
  • five lines
  • only bloody twos and threes
  • exibitonary cutting holy trees
  • crying blood from visionaries
  • three headed hounds and missionaries
  • hell bound well I might as well be fuckin dead
  • here comes blowing open fuckin heads
  • //chorus//
  • shoot em- shoot em what
  • shoot em- shoot em pop em yeah
  • shoot em- shoot em up
  • shoot em- shoot em shoot em dead
  • //"sleeze da slave boy" (Mr. Hyde persona)//
  • //(faster second verse)//
  • (mmhh ah)
  • wasted time with blood clottin brains
  • she loves me she loves me not
  • eighther way Hydes droolin bloody stains
  • calling me a skank looking rank as fuck
  • you say you got lots of fuckin luck
  • Ain't no luck when your bitch got fucked
  • white trash kracker
  • Makin buck for selling smackers
  • blood money stacker
  • im shooting ducks like I'm John dandie
  • suicide jumpimg ain't for no slacker or a panzi
  • grips on guns come in handy
  • Would you like some fuckin candy?
  • got no mo Betta blues
  • now tie ya shoes
  • swallowin some threes and bloody twos
  • chains and veins swerving all up in ya lane
  • highway hitting antlers in my brain
  • devil told me god was slain, Merritt an unholy burden
  • bars so clean they 21 karot
  • Cutting bars just to fuckin burn it
  • sold the cherry meth and dodged the ferret
  • hearses line up front play my song so you can hear it
  • hold ya breath when passing by
  • suffocate in blood no need to cry
  • body floating in da swell
  • River Styx flow to hell
  • poppin perc after perc and poppin pill after pill
  • got you throwing a fit, calling me a bitch, cause I light up your shit
  • I'm the red radical raidin kid
  • song so strong it end a bitch. (end a bitch fades echoing)
  • //chorus//
  • //beat lines// - - - - - - - - - - -
  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • {shoot em up- shoot em up- shoot em}
  • {shoot em up- shoot em up-}
  • {shoot em up- shoot em up- shoot em}
  • {shoot em up- sh-shoot em up-}
  • //beat fading out with the word "up" echoing//


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  • Fuck and wore out exhaustion,
  • I've been lost in the sauces,
  • cosmic soup in my Cauldron,
  • Snorting star dust and nodding,
  • Running around with my wrists all slit,
  • Talking that bull let the taurus rip,
  • Taking my life by the horns and grip,
  • Auspicious bars written,
  • Consiousness all fiction,
  • conscience is all twisted,
  • Lost in the sauce with this,
  • i surf on data theta waves,
  • Societal decay observed in anathemic rage,
  • Channel grief to something great,
  • I plan to leave escape with this panacea page,
  • There's no way I can be saved

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