Battles  YungDrJekyll vs ShapeShift


Try and match my flow atleast

Max of 38 lines


ShapeShift won this battle!


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Battle on May 16 2024


  • green lights n greencards
  • broke him up into a billion shards
  • smelling em mighta shart
  • BIG K-mart
  • dressing like a fuckin tart
  • sagging but no coverage can even run shit
  • in prison they fuck you
  • in jail they fuck you up
  • outside you just fucked up
  • buck shot bucked up
  • hope you got a lotta luck before your bitches get fucked
  • (by me)
  • slanging cheese hanging strings planting seeds
  • centipede bugs or grass I got a darker past
  • mentally fucked rather than physically
  • here a sample put real simple, I'm that all black figure
  • (its who)
  • what's that...
  • (its you)
  • layin like a bitch scratching at your tip
  • she said just the tip but I put my whole dick in the bitch and left a tip
  • all you got is the tip, late bloomer or ya just a small shroomer
  • gomer pile
  • private joker oops in jekyll
  • no space for you to heckle
  • not trying to sound to sexual
  • but my lyrics gotta rhyme but I don't decide the kind
  • my brain runs wired like a mime, when im ducking I sit quiet and I'm cold
  • your daddy is too old
  • smelling that cheese its starting to fucking mold
  • south east soldier
  • I got no name to hold speaking bold
  • I just got balls and a dick, makes me a man that's it
  • but you a little boy or your a girl (faggot) I don know you're just wierd
  • saw you posting looking feared but you seem just like a bitch
  • so I fuck you all the same that's just Hyde talking in my brain. that's it


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  • The divine metaphysicist etheric realms is where my pen exists,
  • Chakras spinning in this endless bliss,
  • searching for some semblance,
  • Sitting in this motionlessness this hopelessness is,
  • So persistent how you cope with sickness,
  • Will show you what your soul is built with,
  • While this rope is twisted,
  • Imma go for the Guinness,
  • And choke a ghost for penance,
  • My aura causes polar shifting
  • Tired of living in motion sickness,
  • from the throes of stoicism,
  • Stuck within in broken system,
  • I really hope that you listen to the quotes that I've written,
  • Archonic solar prison,
  • But when I exit this form of existence,
  • I'll leave behind my mortal wisdom,
  • Hoping you break the the mold with,
  • So let me leave and watch the portal glisten,
  • I can hear my sister calling out from the distance,
  • I can see my grand father living in bliss,
  • Just forget me when I'm gone there's no point to persist,

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