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Battle on May 17 2024


  • The only good time you get from a girl is at a track meet,
  • I smack weak I can ride shotgun in the back seat,
  • Slugs release I'm timeless with rhyming I took the garbage out last week, (outlast weak)
  • It's not a chore to smack emcees not a dentist but I'll extract teeth,,
  • Not on acid but I'm displaying psychedelic patterns,
  • Write precise as striking lighting climbing high without a ladder,
  • My words invoke sciatica and cause your spine to shatter,
  • I grab the mic and batter no bisquick go hide and cower,,
  • I'll put your dick in the dirt and kick up sediment the size of bricks,
  • My minds legit your thoughts are fraudulent like piru crips,
  • Stifle lips with what I spit your lines are dryer then psoriasis,
  • Keep the cypher lit bars get under your skin like a tick,,
  • The only pussy you get is on pornhub call it computerus,
  • I'm attacking your presence (presents) like I abused a gift,
  • The mic I use it swift I'll hit in the chest with lyrics till you lose your win, (lose your wind)
  • You could be in jail and still couldn't use the pen,,


  • reppin west side so much death my life makes me wanna comit suicide
  • but it's apart of the gang you only have one life not twice if snitch on me
  • u gotta pay the price living in gangster paradise my bitch so sexxy
  • justt look at her thighs if you seen me in a gang
  • shoot out you would'ent recognize stay strapped just
  • take my fucking advice my opps dying like flies im the G.O.A.T
  • but in disguise im so high i could touch the sky yes i killed that
  • bitch i won't deny
  • Word to lethargy hardly will I ever lie
  • Fresh to death, when I step, you can hear Momma's cry
  • Rather live alone forever than live a lie welcome to west side
  • head quarters would u like to apply fuck that west side 4L
  • this is the gang this is dedicaiton this is why i fucked your
  • bitch a i took her on vacation ight ima go wait were gonna to
  • pull up on our opps ight bet bitch you know im staying
  • music creating bob ross nigga im painting see the pills im
  • taking most of these fake rappers say they goood but we all know
  • they faking i see that ass girl u know im baking bed shaking
  • reppin west side this is the hood there aint no guide
  • u gotta live on your own aint no one gonna provide
  • killing the crips is a homicide some guy came up
  • to me said wanna join the crips the fuck nigga ima slide
  • Nigga want beef we can take it outside bitch u said u would
  • take care of the money but u lied juked that bitch in the end zone
  • im wide bitch get out of my way this life is like gta reppin
  • west side
  • im so used to see people die it bulit inside my mind is so
  • fried if ur ever in trouble u got me beside fuck the pride
  • we pulled up to the crips whats sup bitches u better hide
  • nigga move do u wanna get shot step aside
  • done killing the crips im satisfied my mind is upside
  • lean i love im a drug and smoking machine play boy
  • magizine light this place up with gasoline
  • I got a dollar and a dream
  • reppin west side is the dam thing

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