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Battle on May 19 2024


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  • The Obnoxious force galloping on tracks like I'm talking hoarse,
  • I'm a war prisoner wariting all bars in Morse,
  • Conversing with the star of North,
  • I guess I'm kinda full of myself like a suicidal carnivore,
  • Im the only one hung on this jury,
  • Catch wind like my lungs are observing,
  • I'm fighting with my doctors I don't want you to cure me,
  • Fuck a seasoning arsenic in my curry,
  • Fighting my higher self on Murray,
  • Talking to myself but it don't concern me,
  • So disturbing how my flows emerging,
  • You bunch of bots could never pass the Turing,
  • Fuck this earth now my dick is burning,
  • Now sick and hurling,
  • Stand on business till the profit crumbles,
  • My hunger rumbles cause a seismologist to huddle,
  • The pre traumatic lethal addict huffing gas from out a rocket shuttle,
  • I'm so shallow that I talk to puddles,
  • I can chase you while I'm running from you,
  • You'll often stumble when I'm trip tripping on the beats,
  • I sit with anomalies absorbing their philosophies,
  • Calling up my buds like I called a green, (collard green)
  • My prophecy's to lock emcees inside a pot of steam,,
  • A word salad couldn't sell your album even if it was free,
  • You'll have dry mouth spitting with me,
  • Im The prenatal eulogy writer,
  • View your funeral before your losing vitals,,
  • I just want to live suicidal,
  • If you get it you're new disciple,
  • Doing drive bys on a unicycle,
  • Moonwalk and change the lunar cycle,,
  • Try to test but I'm a substitute abusing rivals,
  • Born of silicon so my gender binary,
  • The one that zeroes in on your eyes scary,
  • I'm in the quantum foam reversing time rarely,
  • Don't need a camera im take a mind selfie,
  • Air drop it to her brain she's saying I'm sexy,
  • Then I'm silencing my thoughts like it's a library,
  • Pull a cell off the shelf and open a path to a cemetery,
  • It's like autophagy I bury dead emcees that weren't ready,
  • I'm spell checking on a wizard,
  • Reading melchezidek my scriptures,
  • Im The self evidential witness,
  • Writing hit lists like it's Christmas,
  • You wish that you could get like this,


  • (Yo drummer boi hit me up) yo to all my opps u js a boast
  • Burnt like toast nigga I'm in the west coast why u tryna
  • Battle im to good u can't handle I'm so fly I time travel
  • Ur so boring change the channel u one of the cows
  • Welcome to ur cattle I'll shoot u down bc I'm
  • armed and dangerous don't play wit us I got u on gun point
  • Ur mad and nervous I can't trust I'm pro I got a glock
  • With a beam drinking some lean with some pillies
  • We in the hood don't mess with me nigga I'm armed and
  • Dangerous have u misunderstood shooting ur ass like a
  • Should I'm famous like I'm in Holly wood let me cook
  • This ain't no fairy tale it ain't no book good now have u under
  • Stood no well that's not good done shooting u I'm dipping
  • See my girl pussy nigga I'm slipping smoking weed
  • It the way to succeed until I bleed kill ya ass now we gotta
  • Barrier lick my dick like it's candy call me daddy
  • The gang is family I will pull up to ur crib shoot it up
  • Blood every wereit's not ketchup ill shoot u more
  • Because I'm armed and dangerous don't play wit us
  • Nigga u js a small rice wot lice no need for me to
  • Apologize I'm a good qb I can throw fuck the gays
  • I'm the trail blaize nigga I'm to rich j don't need a raise
  • I'm to good I like this beat fuck my bitch under the sheet
  • Shoot ur ass in a heart beat got the glock its loaded
  • new songs its posted i love lean taking drugs smoking weed
  • is just my routine niggas be fake they use a
  • green screen still scaring my opps like its
  • halloween play boy magazine
  • Bars crazy of course I'm living the dream
  • meanwhile niggas day dream u in the hood nigga
  • if u die u can't redeem i dont care ill kill your
  • ass in a live stream cause im armed and dangerous
  • nigga u say your gonna be something when u grow up
  • your worthless im murderous thank for ur service
  • see my hot bar y good verses gun point
  • on this nigga he nervous why cause im armed and dangerous
  • kill all my opps on purpose ur face is crusty like the
  • earth surface
  • Stack up your funds like a million bucks
  • my songs selling like jean paul products say u will kill me
  • bitch who give a fuck ye i will kill u first bitch
  • cause im armed and dangerous

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