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  • (Intro)
  • “Picture giving a nigga props for writing messages about me
  • Picture giving these niggas props for raps when they on team B“
  • Shut up and paint the picture
  • Shut up and paint the picture
  • (Verse 1)
  • Nigga don’t let this shit fool you nigga
  • Come around with a four four ready to blow
  • Nigga I’ll be walking around with a taper ready to run the fade
  • All I see is just a little bitch ass nigga ready to terrorize the world
  • Niggas don’t want to diss me because I put y’all in there graves
  • I’ll go ahead and give you a Jamaican style funeral ready
  • “Nigga you don’t do shit” so what bitch this is American south side little nigga
  • We democratic bitch ass (nigga we don’t care about politics)
  • Yeah I know rappers don’t but this lil D1 yapper is too illegal to come in the U.S
  • But guess what’s legal? Me ready to start being a tap dancer and your face if eating my sweat
  • “Don’t go that far he don’t deserves it he’s innocent” Nigga I can’t his music is trash
  • And he’s a lame ass nigga, we don’t want to get you mixed up with this eventful smoke your getting
  • But your ass can’t keep up lil chirper. But maybe I’ll should stop trying to be Chris breezy
  • Nigga it’s just too easy to make you fall off
  • I’m that real nigga that brings real beef to your dinner table
  • I know I copied his flow but I’ll just pull up and make your my trigger finger target practice
  • So I’ll run the fade with you but your ass won’t make it so easily
  • So start praying before I start killing your ass
  • (Chorus)
  • Paint a picture bitch
  • Figure out if this shit is for you
  • Because this is my life dawg
  • Don’t come questioning me if you feel like getting killed
  • (Verse 2)
  • I’ll bring these niggas out come on
  • The inner beast will show up and kill y’all niggas
  • Y’all should’ve took some notes bruh
  • Could of killed me and dumped me
  • But y’all got me to the big deep bag wolf that will run through y’all
  • You wanna figure out what semi matic sounds like
  • Semi maniac (HAHA) hell maverick ain’t giftedly talented
  • He runs around like his head cut off
  • Musically wants to sing a musical in his sorrow
  • Yodii can’t figure out what makes his name blow up
  • I will stand up for GK-TRILL because that niggas better than all of your 20 people u nominated
  • But I’ll follow up with these blows
  • Y’all had to team up and support a nigga name lil chip to make this nigga stop taking beef
  • But what I see is a little pusy soft ass bugs that can’t represent no one
  • Needs some presidents to educate him
  • But he can’t escape his own reality
  • So die in your fucking grief little nigga
  • Try to respond nigga I promise you
  • Your going to regret it
  • I was fuckin’ around till you pushed me to the edge
  • I’ll make sure god greets you at your front door step you bitch
  • What comes around comes around lil nigga learn from mistakes bitch
  • (Chorus)
  • Paint a picture bitch
  • Figure out if this shit is for you
  • Because this is my life dawg
  • Don’t come questioning me if you feel like getting killed
  • (Outro)
  • Stop fucking with me lil chip
  • I’m Eminem in these situations bruh.


  • had to get up off my ass i had to see some fuckin cheddar this a message
  • to the trenches i just had to write a letter don't be movin with no nigga if
  • he ain't no real steppa don't be worried bout no other niggas go harder
  • than ever in my prime baggin dimes im lookin up to the soldiers i been
  • goin thru some shit its so much weight up on my shoulders mind gone
  • full of drugs ion like to feel sober niggas mad im in my bag nigga do what
  • you supposed ta imma make dem bitches feel me i got the heart of a lion
  • you are not a real artist lil nigga you just be rhymin im so sick of all these
  • hoes with that motherfucking lying bitch im rappin with a passion tell the
  • labels come and sign me in louisiana nigga you gotta be a survivor in my
  • city it get hectic niggas dead on arrival in my city niggas reckless everybody
  • gotta choppa but some niggas just be tellin it just to solve a fucking problem
  • look niggas onnat hatin shit bitches onnat faking shit stuck up inna parish
  • gotta get back to the basics yo dawg writing statements the white people
  • they racist and i aint never had none so if i want it imma take it imma make
  • my family proud imma make the hood smile look this one for my niggas
  • and the ones in the cloud look ion ride no waves nigga i just make the style
  • im wishing for better days on my unborn child turn a nigga to a actor how
  • i leave em on the scene some niggas they want my soul cuz im chasing
  • after green everything aint what it seem they cappin with a straight face
  • these niggas hoes dont trust a soul own potna turned snake its
  • consequences when you thuggin i just wanna see a mil fo i let a nigga steal
  • me imma go tattoo a tear why niggas paying for the clout? it don't cost to
  • be real look i just want a mil nigga i jus want a deal evil thoughts up in my
  • brain i got the mind of a menace break em off cuz he my dawg i want see
  • all my niggas winning and we some certified steppas dats a fact not a opinion
  • got more mind on my money look sick and tired of sinnin

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